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  1. Good Night here of Brazil:mlg_doge::tmp:


  2. Good evening TMP, how are u?



    1. Jean-Louis_Lorenzy


      Thanks for asking bro. Wish you a good night/evening.

  3. As many online games are like this, I decided to give a suggestion. As the day and night cycle is synchronized with all players, the rain could also be synchronized for everyone. Example: If it rains for a player it will have to rain for everyone. Waiting for answers! .
  4. Good Night guys! ;) 
    Can someone help me?
    This has been happening very often, and I don't know what :(.
    Early it was normal, and suddnely that appeared, when does this appear, My game closes alone. :( .


    1. JJay


      Good night ^_^ 



    2. [TSLog] GamesBrasil 003
    3. JJay


      You're welcome ^_^

  5. That convoy at the end night with my friends.:D


  6. I was sleepy so I stopped to sleep hihi:rolleyes:


  7. Venho avisar que a TSLog esta com vagas abertas para pessoas novas que queiram se divertir, fazer amizades, e rodar com a galera. Estamos recrutando para Ranking TrucksBook. Interessados entrar em contanto no nosso TeamSpeak:
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