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  1. you only get it free for the 3 days all will be lost till you buy the game i belive
  2. Very sorry you wont get my support. its a simulation game not a race game but in my opinion definitely no! leave it alone
  3. well you lot seem to be babys to me im 57 and a real life trucker (uk) but of late enjoy ats more
  4. Oh yes counting the hours down now my freinds wont be long now
  5. i love both games but i enjoy ats more. its a real pity that scs diddnt put more into ats to start with over the past months they have just started to put more into it which is great to see
  6. promods as always needed all DLC is not a scam it been that way for many a year. try looking for weekend sales on scs if you dont have all the DLC's
  7. ive been playing 1.36 and its great and to hear a new truck is coming is the iceing on the cake cant wait
  8. im loving promods been playing it a while in single playing but its great to see it on mp thanks mp
  9. you can only but try right i will give it a go i got stuck there too. But he is the Master trucker fingers crossed
  10. my mp still crashs if i use the skins
  11. yes i agreee ive seen alot of that but only on mp
  12. yes would be nice to see any new trucks in game
  13. if i play single player my mouse works fine but as soon as i gte the login page my mouse stops working and i cant do a thing help please
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