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  1. I am waiting for the official version
  2. I am looking forward to this super addition that scs is releasing new width maps to everyone
  3. Thank you for the follow Żużlowiec ;)

  4. This will make TruckersMP much more enjoyable. :RE To be able to own the own trailer and very beautiful trailers as well.
  5. I believe this version will be the start of a long development progress from SCS, and having company trailers would be very nice, the only downside I see with that is how to get custom trailer skins into MP. We could have the TruckersMP Devs work on a system but how long would that take. Great Idea, but through my knowledge how long will it take.
  6. I think the best fun you can have in MP is taking part in huge convoys with 100+ people
  7. Mainly in Germany and Scandinavia. If I also had DLC in Italy
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