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  1. [EG-G] Michi [GER]

    Germany: Updated Roads in 1.32 BETA

    Tanks for the Info
  2. [EG-G] Michi [GER]

    in which country you like to travel the most? (ETS2)

    I like to tavel to Italy Andy France
  3. [EG-G] Michi [GER]

    What do you use to record gameplay?

    I use GeForce Experience or OBS Studio.
  4. [EG-G] Michi [GER]

    Your Date of Birth on TMP..... Did you know this?

  5. [EG-G] Michi [GER]

    What radio do you tune into your truck?

    simlive radio
  6. [EG-G] Michi [GER]

    Which server do you prefer? and why?

    I like EU 2, because on EU 2 drive lost of People.
  7. [EG-G] Michi [GER]

    How many reports you guys have on the website?

    I have 39 Reports
  8. [EG-G] Michi [GER]

    Upcoming Map DLCs

    OH nice, i would like to see the new DLC
  9. [EG-G] Michi [GER]

    Scania S or Scania R?

    Hello, I think that the Scania S is better.
  10. [EG-G] Michi [GER]

    On Which road do you drive often?

    Bergen - Palermo Stockholm - Brest Rostock - Reims Oslo - Malmö
  11. [EG-G] Michi [GER]

    Bladenode Trucking

    The truck looks very nice and interesting! I like the Colour of the paintjob! Good Luck with the New VTC!