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  1. To me, yes, I can not play the euro for a while, the graphics inside the game I see it wrong, activate the directx 11 but nothing, I throw 250 fps into the game, and then when I go to the desk and pre-entry again is frizzea, needs to solve more things in the game much fails this 1.35!
  2. Good afternoon or night to all / as, I comment my problem in the euro multiplayer, as soon as I open the game, I save to go to the desktop of my operating system to create loads and re-enter the game as paused or better frozen usually happens to me always and not only to me, to several more also that it can be? Can you give me any help? thank you I appreciate .. sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. Good evening from Argentina, Buenos Aires, Share of the renovation of the baltic dlc I started to have problems with the game, what problem? I have lag, which when I play American I do not have the problem, or using other types of games I keep pinging using local servers, but in the euro I have the problem of the most thing I never had that problem, do they have any help or response? thank you for the inconvenience if I cause.
  4. Agradezco que me respondas , En single player me tira de 250 a 400fps el juego , en el multiplayer me tira 20fps no es a mi solo , sino a varios de la empresa donde estoy le pasa y casí la mayoría tienen la misma pc que la mía , lo único que me queda es formatear la pc y empezar de 0 ya el juego lo eh desintale en varios ocasiones , chequie el tema de la placa de video pero nada.
  5. Hola buenas tardes desde Argentina buenos aires, ayer y hoy tengo problemas con el tema ets2 1.32 del mapa del mar la ciudad ese mar o la cantidad o menos cantidad que estoy haciendo bajo fps, tengo un 1080i 16gb, i9, 16gb ram, Disco 4terabyte Madre Asus Rog Maximus X Hero Lga1151 ¿Intel Z370 Gamer, disparé entre 20 y 30 fps? Juego en ultra sí, pero el máximo que me arroja es de 250 a 400 fps. ¿Que debería hacer? o comenzó de nuevo desde 0? ayer desinteresé todo y hoy volví a instalar pero el problema me molestó y lo siento por mi inconveniencia
  6. Hello good afternoon from Buenos Aires, Argentina, I tell you again, I crashed with just changing the color on the tab the first time it happens to me? what else to play is very good and not crashea, How to buy new pc gamer, install everything from 0 without mod and nothing rare things all default that can be? thank you very much It crashed me just changing the color in the configuration game's tabourer and taking me out of the game is weird
  7. Hello good afternoon from argentina buenos aires, I'm having a problem in the game, when I play the tab to open the list of players and select a single player with the mouse I do not see the yellow cursor in the game to add it to my account steam or report what could it be?
  8. Hello, good night, I am with a problem for 1 week that I can not play the euro truck simulator 2 in the multiplayer crash.log error, I can not find the solution to play, I also have low peak of fps! ! , I need help, since I have good pc! this error is giving to 6 people of a company POSDATA! here I leave the crash.log game.crash.txt Name ROLO No me deja cambiar el nombre todavía!
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