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  1. ClauClaudiu2000

    Problema cu TrukersMP

    Pana acum nu mi-a facut asa, nu e la PC meu, e la luncher. Tot imi da crash cand il pornesc.
  2. ClauClaudiu2000

    Problema cu TrukersMP

    nimic ... jocul tot nu functioneaza T/C plz
  3. ClauClaudiu2000

    my game - " stopped working "

    nothing ... this game is so broken T/C plz
  4. ClauClaudiu2000

    Problema cu TrukersMP

    Acelasi lucru... " stopped working ".
  5. ClauClaudiu2000

    Problema cu TrukersMP

  6. ClauClaudiu2000

    my game - " stopped working "

    Hello. I've been encountering a problem with my launcher that seems to persist even though I tried to do a lot of things based on other topics. When I try to enter the launcher, it says "TruckersMP Launcher has stopped working" without even launching it or anything. Any solutions? I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. ETS2 works in single player, just the launcher keeps crashing. I tried reinstalling it with admin privileges, running it as admin, veryfing the integrity of the game files and so on. Runned it in compatibility and it still crashes. Any solutions?
  7. ClauClaudiu2000

    Problema cu TrukersMP

    Chiar si asa cu toate aceste modificari facute cum ai zis, tot imi da " stopped working ".
  8. ClauClaudiu2000

    Problema cu TrukersMP

    Salut. De doua zile am aceasi problema, adica aplicatia TruckersMP imi da crash aka " stopped working ". Orice sfat, orice ajutor e bine venit. Multumesc. https://i.imgur.com/vQ7SFI9.png[/img]
  9. ClauClaudiu2000 Released

    thx man
  10. ClauClaudiu2000 Released

    Where you find a caravan?
  11. ClauClaudiu2000 Released

    help plz