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  1. Попробуй винду другую поставить (чистый образ, без всяких сборок), возможно в ней проблема.. Если будет так же - проблема в железе.
  2. Dallas

    Volvo VNL доставлен в American Truck Simulator

    У всех такие фары сверху? + лайтбар в текстурки упирается..
  3. Heello, lazy mwl :) Are you going to update ats?

    1. EHHVTC I Ollie l #BLUE19

      EHHVTC I Ollie l #BLUE19



      Please be patient, it will be updated as soon as possible. You can still play ATS by Downgrading, do you need help with that? Let me know.

    2. Dallas


      Hey, no, I don't need help. Simply 5 days have passed since the release of the new ats version, but there is no support. I do not think that the support of the new paint is such a big problem..

    3. Traitorous


      Being rude gets you nowhere. ATS has a lower priority than ETS. The developers aren't sitting and doing nothing after they update their mods. There are other projects being worked on as well than just getting game updates supported.