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  1. To be honest it does look a lot better. The only issue is that many traffic lights have been removed. This could cause havoc on Sim 1.
  2. Yeah I get what you mean. Different people have different tastes
  3. They are typically used for "Holland style" and "Old Skool" themed trucks. It is all part of the style.
  4. Hey everyone. Who remembers the good old days of TruckersMP where we could use custom modded steering wheels such as the Scania Vabis wheel and the 4 spoke DAF wheel. Unfortunately the mod now ends up with you getting kicked. It has been doing this for a long time now and I would love to see it come back to TruckersMP again. Tell me what you guys think should happen to them
  5. The thing I hate most are unprofessional drivers. They block intersections, never give way, skip red lights and overtake unprofessionally. What's the point of buying a simulation game when you are going to drive like an idiot.
  6. spacer.png


    Thank you AHL for all the amazing memories I have had. It's been so much fun driving with you guys. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. I will always remember you guys. ❤️

  7. Personally, I am happy with the current speed limit of 110km/h. Since its a simulation it would be pretty unrealistic for a truck to go anywhere over that speed. If you want to go over 110mk/h then go on the arcade server.
  8. So I recently bought a used Logitech G27 off Ebay to replace my broken G920. Despite its age it's a very good quality wheel and is very long lasting. I've had lots of fun with it and I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a good quality budget steering wheel.

  9. Only way is Dutch



    1. [VTCSL] ACE

      [VTCSL] ACE

      ♥️________NICE VOLVO_______ ♥️

  10. Scania power 🚚



    1. Monkyofwar


      nice truck



    2. cioflix


      Nice shot  🙂

    3. [VTCSL] ACE

      [VTCSL] ACE

      WOW ! ___ NICE TRUCK ___♥️

  11. Here's the first ever photo I took in my first ever VTC back in early 2018.
  12. Hey all. I have recently found a new style of trucking known as "dekotora". Dekotora trucks are commonly found across Japan and are covered in accessories ranging from chromed parts to flashy neon lights. Many people say that these trucks are "hideous" however it is actually seen as a hobby for many people and are actually known to be a work of art. Dekotora trucks feature hand painted pictures usually illustrating the driver's culture and origin. Believe it or not these trucks are actually road legal (with the lights switched off) and are typically seen at festivals where other drivers meetup to show their work of art. So, What do you guys think about dekotora trucks? Let me know
  13. Drifting in the hachi-roku 😎



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