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  1. Not sure why people are laughing exactly. Android devices pose a higher risk to viruses and malware since the operating system is widely used on many devices. iOS is only used for Apple products therefore posing a significantly lower threat. To add on, apps on the App Store are strictly monitored by Apple, unlike on the Google Play Store.
  2. iOS 100%. The software is cleaner and a lot more user friendly. I have never used an Android and have no plans to switch to one.
  3. Local mods are great fun to use. Only issue is that only you are able to see them. Therefore I always try to limit the amount of local mods I use.
  4. Haven't driven a next gen Scania in a while, so I decided to purchase this smol boi



    1. ProbablyPoland


      Looking good, Lime! ^-^

  5. Happy New Year Everyone! ❤️🎆

    1. *Winged*


      Happy New Year to you as well LimeLime! 🎉

    2. Colored_Greens


      Happy new year!

  6. Would love to see the Scania 3 and 4 series. True OldSkool beauties
  7. Drifting up Hakone Nanamagari (1993) 🚗







  8. All set for Christmas 🎄



  9. Pingu was amazing. I always used to watch it as a child.
  10. Trucking across Sweden 🇸🇪



  11. Thank you so much Pries for the amazing memories. I have had great times with some of the most friendly and supportive people. I love you all. ❤️

  12. It's a complete mess. It is so congested and is full of stupid drivers. Once it nearly took me a whole hour to exit the city. Personally, I'd recommend going to the neighbouring cities Dusseldorf or Cologne as an alternative.
  13. To be honest it does look a lot better. The only issue is that many traffic lights have been removed. This could cause havoc on Sim 1.
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