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  1. Increasing the speed limit is an awful idea. A while back the speed limit used to actually be 150km/h for simulation servers. This was changed to 110km/h within late 2019. This was during the Road to Simulation update. TruckersMP altered many of their game mechanics to help ensure a safer and more realistic experience for players. Another thing. What's the point of increasing the speed limit? In real life, trucks in Europe are limited to a speed of 90km/h. This is required by EU legislation. In TruckersMP you're limited to a speed of 110km/h which to be perfectly honest is fast enough. Additionally, on the rules page, it even states, "Speeding, while allowed, is not recommended. Speeding can lead to accidents and can factor in a punishment decision." I'd also like to point out the last suggestion you made. Once again, referring back to the Road to Simulation update, TruckersMP additionally introduced harsher punishments on players that break rules intentionally and commit violations due to negligence while driving. This was done to improve the driving quality and also to encourage players to pay more attention to the road. To finalise, as the server suggests, it is a simulation server. Therefore, players are expected to drive in a caring and realistic manner. If you want to drive like a fool, feel free to join the arcade server.
  2. Originally, I had a 6 speed transmission with a manual H-Shifter. I then changed to a 12 speed automatic transmission for "realism". I now use a 6 speed automatic transmission for all my trucks.
  3. I have plans to join the game moderation team sometime in the future. That isn't for certain, however it is a possibility.
  4. Welcome to my profile, thank you very much for considering following me. The sea is deep, eternal friendship is eternal, unforgettable. :)) (see you on the way) DUDE




    The sea is deep, eternal friendship is eternal, unforgettable.



    1. Lime.


      Not a problem at all. It's my pleasure 🥰

  5. Congrats dude ❤️ :woah:

  6. TESCO Gang with @BenOC18 & @owen611624 :mlg_doge:



  7. Thanks for the follow!!!


  8. Real Operations V11 :mlg_doge:






    Thank you to everyone who took part ❤️

  9. New Generation DAF :kappa:



    1. Lena'


      Wonderful pic ❤️ 

    2. .Pedro.


      Nice photo

  10. Hello all. I've recently opened a brand new Discord server called Truckstyling Hub. If you are a fan of realistic truck styles from all across the world then you should definitely check out this server. I'll look forward to meeting you all!



  11. 1.40 Project Japan 🎌







    1. RedWolf_TMP


      Very nice photos!

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Great photos 🥰

    3. BenOC18


      Very nice lime


  12. My attempt at replicating a Kelsa-equipped truck:






    I am actually really pleased with how it turned out :kappa:

  13. I don't exactly understand the point you are trying to make, however to be perfectly honest, there is no need for any sort of training course. TruckersMP has a set of rules which every user should read and follow. This should give them an insight on how to drive properly and respectfully. If you simply ignore these rules then you could risk being banned. Additionally, all users are required to have at least 2 hours of playtime before they can actually play TruckersMP. This is to ensure that they have developed a solid understanding with the game mechanics.
  14. The concept is a good idea however I can't imagine this actually happening. TruckersMP has millions of users. Hundreds of users sign up each day. Handling with this many people is beyond impossible.
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