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  1. I usually try and go as fast as I can on straight roads but I'm always careful when it comes to tight turns and I will tend to follow most traffic laws.
  2. I tend to use a Krone trailer when driving by myself however, during convoys I will always use a regular one as many people don't have the Krone DLC and therefore can't see my trailer.
  3. Definitely the Calais - Duisburg road. I will usually tend to avoid it.
  4. I tend to listen to either Simulator Radio or TFM.
  5. Hey guys. What are your computer specs? What CPU and GPU do you have? Let me know. My PC Specs: CPU: Intel i5 9600K GPU: Gigabyte Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti MBD: ASRock Phantom Gaming 4S Z390 RAM: HyperX 16GB at 3000 MHz PSU: Cooler Master 600W SSD: Samsung 500GB HDD: WD Blue 2TB
  6. My favourite place in the standard map is probably either north France (around Paris) or the north of Italy.
  7. GuyS

    Real roads

    The country that I think needs a rework is the UK. The scenery and cities are incredibly boring. I hope SCS will do a rework on it very soon.
  8. I tend to shift at around 1500 RPM as it is the most economic. However, going uphill I will tend to shift at a higher RPM in order to gain more torque and power.
  9. Scania is love, Scania is life
  10. I much prefer the old Scania in terms of looks. The New Scania looks too boxy imo.
  11. I would probably say the Scania Streamline R730. This acceleration is amazing and is also great at getting up steep hills.
  12. GuyS

    Manual or Automatic?

    I drive manual I as find it a lot more realistic
  13. I drive with my VTC paint job equipped. Without it I'd probably go with a nice metallic red colour.
  14. I'd either say Spain or Iceland they both look very realistic.
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