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  1. I would like to see maybe Lanyards, that are breakaway. An option for having no big logo on the back of the hoodie, and a smaller logo on the t-shirt. But I like it though.
  2. I think we have to ask, with moving more towards the simulation experience, are these trailer combinations something we see irl? And what impact does save editing have on other players within the server, if any. Personally I've never save edited and most likely never will, but I will miss these different combos drive past me.
  3. 5tarcomm


    Yea I don't agree with going out of your way to record the whole C-D road just to get people banned. But look at it this way, whenever you drive on TMP I recommend always having recording software active as you can make a clip of any incidents. If you feel they are violating any of the rules then send in a report to the website just like the kind Support Staff Lincinao said further up in your post. Happy Trucking Kind Regards, 5tarcomm
  4. I've had this happen to me in two tunnels on Pro Mods with no way of passing, even on a game restart. But I gathered it was a known bug of some sort.
  5. Well, My 2019 was good, Mainly being taking a risk by leaving my job of 12 years to go into another field. And after 3 months there i'm going for promotion. Fingers crossed. But in 2020 I want to help others more. Here's to some great TMP content for 2020. Here's to a great 2020 for everyone. And happy trucking
  6. I'm quite keen on hauling the boats around, i'm always on the look out for those. Even the diggers and excavators on the low loaders does it for me.
  7. Yea so I download their own tracker, which tracks all my jobs from the game and view my logs on their website. Ive never used trucksbook. A big part of a VTC is to have their own paint scheme. Most require you to use their colours whilst at official meet ups or convoys, but can use whatever paint you want otherwise. This is a good compromise, but personally I almost always use my VTC colours all the time.
  8. An in house job tracking system is a must for me, I don't like messing around manually logging jobs. The usual friendly and laid back atmosphere, not pressured into doing certain things, or driving in certain areas. I can drive how I want to drive and progress at my own speed. But most importantly my two favorite colors, purple and grey is a must!
  9. In any situation where someone hits/rams me and I believe it to be intentional, ill make a flash recording. Ill review the footage later and submit a report to the website. Certain situations I have let people off as it leans more towards an accident or just their poor driving skills.
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