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  1. Styl41

    New Italy City

    Detailed looks, beautiful
  2. ets2_20190414_154548_00-2.png

    1. RequieB


      kardeşim ivecoyu indirimden taksitle mi aldınız yarısı yok

    2. HüseyinCan !

      HüseyinCan !

      @RequieB abi diğer yarısı ağırlık yapıyor




  3. I agree with you, but personalization should come like Krone DLC Trailers.
  4. Styl41

    StyLo Fotoğraf Arşivi

    1. Berk [17]

      Berk [17]

      Karşim Direk Sana Save Ataydım :D O Ne Öyle :D Hiç Uğraşmazdn xD 

  5. As a user of Schwarzmüller I think it will be a very nice add-on for me @YunusD
  6. I agree with you, dude, I hope it comes to better places
  7. In the next update, Schwarzmüller announced that we could buy a Trailer Dealer, so what do you think ?