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  1. If I go to Calais or Duisburg on the EU2 server, I just sit at my garage and just watch people in dev camera. To actually drive those 2 cities or the C-D road, I’ll get on the US server in ETS2 to take loads.
  2. TruckersMP, a job well done once again. Continue on this path of improving everything for the better and best enjoyment for everybody.
  3. Hello all, I usually drive in the congested areas some during the rush hours in ATS and ETS2 both. I drive in different congested areas and usually don't stay in the same area all the time. I think it is quite fun and interesting to drive in those areas to make it feel more like irl rush hours in big cities.
  4. Welcome aboard to TruckersMP Pillow_
  5. I have just did the TruckersMP survey
  6. I really like the way the categories were updated. Much better than the old list I think. Thank you for the update!
  7. I think there should be some translators since most people don't most foreign languages. Thanks for the post.
  8. Very helpful to see the command structure in TruckersMP! Very interesting to see. Thanks for posting!
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