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  1. It looks very cool! Can’t wait to get it and try it out.
  2. Thanks NickTheOne for posting the link for the car for ATS SP. I’ve always wanted to have the car in single player as well.
  3. I’ve heard Freightliners are suppose to be coming to ATS but not sure when though. I wouldn’t mind having a Mack Anthem in ATS- these are very beautiful trucks that Mack makes that I actually like.
  4. I like using the Volvo VNL for general freight only. I don’t think the Volvo VNL is the best truck for heavy haul since the max hp engine in game with no mods is a 600 hp Cummins. I personally use the Kenworth W900 for heavy hauls since it has the Cat 625 hp engine and the torque for doing heavy hauls.
  5. I agree with FirstClass that the ATS map is small and not very many trucks.
  6. At least we are finally getting another truck brand in ATS and Volvo is still in the works with the licensing stuff yet.
  7. I personally think the CD road is the toughest road in ETS2 on the Euro2 server because there are so many people on that road.
  8. Scania - b/c they are the fastest truck in ETS2 Volvo - b/c they have the highest hp engines and are great for heavy hauls.
  9. yeah I think it's around a 40 minute drive or so
  10. There is no date as to when 1.32 is coming out. You will just have to patiently wait like the rest of us for the 1.32 release.
  11. In my personal opinion Scania and Volvo are the best trucks in ETS2 because of their high horsepower engines available and the take off speed of both truck brands is pretty quick.
  12. I normally stop at all red lights but will turn right on red after coming to a complete stop and making sure no one else is coming thru the intersection.
  13. My 2 favorite trucks in ETS2 are the Volvo and Scania.
  14. If I go to Calais or Duisburg on the EU2 server, I just sit at my garage and just watch people in dev camera. To actually drive those 2 cities or the C-D road, I’ll get on the US server in ETS2 to take loads.
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