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  1. Doesn't linux have a problem with backslash ?
  2. Yes, I did. It was installed there previously and had no issues, chat log files were saving where they should have.
  3. Mod Version: 0.1.1 ( current ) Controllers Used: / Description of Issue: Client is trying to save chat logs to wrong/protected folder. It's trying to save to following folder, but fails with: [21:14:03] <error> Cannot open chat log file! (C:\Program Files (x86)\Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer\logs\chat_29_11_2014.log) whilst it should be trying to save to C:\Users\{username}\Documents\ETS2MP\logs\chat_29_11_2014.log I would not care, I just needed to see what someone wrote just as I closed game, but there was no chat log. And running the MP client as administrator did not help either. How to reproduce: Run game, see client_{date}.log Screenshots / Videos: /
  4. I am no linux guru, but there is a way of running windows apps on linux .. wine is the sollution .. no idea how it works tho ..
  5. Call me mad, but I laughed! Not at all of 'em, but I did. As long as they are hurting themselves only, it's fun to look at
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