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  1. Padre_Jesus's post in Game crashes when the user try to change de player/friend/tag color was marked as the answer   
    Guys, i solve my problem, close this topic.
    I decided to use logic programming and I was scouring the files so I found:
    I entered the folder "Y:\Documents\ETS2MP" and found the file "config.txt".
    There I found the sections:
    "map_friend_color": 1286675
    "map_player_color": 1280762
    "tag_color": 65535

    The color system is RGB, but it is in decimal numbers. So I chose RGB colors, got the hexadecimal number and converted it to the decimal in the Windows calculator and then switched to the text file.

    I really think that this problem is a bug, need to fix. My friend has the same issue.
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