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  1. Well when you check the suggestions in the forums you also see Devs replying to them but i it is not really their job. Thats part of the Community & Project Management Management to reply on those things and talk with the Devs about them cos they are... "developing" I'm leading a Development Department and every employee wants his money at the end of the month, and less than 10% of the customer contacts are directly with the devs, the contacts about bugs and feature are with me or my assistants. Then the things get discussed and internaly planned with the specific dev. Just wh
  2. Just cos many doing it, doesn't make it legal It is "accepted", but not legal just cos of that. Just like with Music on Twitch... it was accepted a long time, and now not anymore, it was and is, just not legal. There are many half-knowledged Informations in the web in communities, forums, chats, like "as long as it is free nobody can sue/charge you when creating mods for a game", which is just wrong. It depends for every game on different factors what is allowed and what not. That's the same reason why (imo) TruckersMP doesn't have a VW, Audi or BMW as car in the game, or adding the
  3. Sarcasm?... SCS already told they won't work an a multiplayer solution cos they are working on content for the games. There were also other Projects trying to realise ETS/ATS Multiplayer Solutions, but all abandoned and/or discontinued their work. I know 4 Projects that didn't made it to a working version. So we should be more thankful that TruckersMP is still running and get supported by people, and the team doesn't stop their work cos of some crying kids that have not nearly any knowledge about how hard it is, to run a project like this with an international
  4. Had a nice driving on CD-Road, with a "blue angel" on my shoulders :D @[L-LATAM](30) El Reja Thanks for image Admeeen ;)




  5. Finally HQ Screenshots possible again! Very nice, thanks Shawn!
  6. Good night, TruckersMP ;)



  7. Went to a nice convoy form WolvesTM VTC & @AspergerKid on Promods, time for a coffee now :D



  8. Good Night TMP Community ;)



    1. CHRIS 1 HS

      CHRIS 1 HS

      Good night Everyone 😉😴

    2. CHRIS 1 HS

      CHRIS 1 HS

      oh and by the way nice pic 👍

  9. My very first own try of a "blurred" Image, cos so many peeps are doing this thingy...



  10. Wohoo! Passed the Forza Examination with 100% Very nice.


  11. Cos i didn't like the Report Listing on the TMP Website, i changed it for my personal liking using some Javascript.



    • sortable table (click on headline to change sorting), default for me descending by "Updated at" value
    • Showing actual sorting with an icon behind the headline
    • Status background colors based on status using colors from the TMP Website
    • striped table background
    • row hover color in light grey to better get all informations of the row when hovering the "View report" link (like if u r in the right row u want to view)

    Already added that as suggestion for the website in the forums ;) lets see if they open it for discussions / add it as default features maybe in the future.


    For asking people: How i did this, is part of the suggestion so if anybody else wants this "local mod" features, wait till the suggestion gets approved.



  12. Suggestion Name: Optimized View for Report Listing Suggestion Description: Add some Features to the Report Listing for better usability As u can see in the image i added following features: Sortable table by Tablehead (in my case default is descending by Update at Timestamp) so last changed entries are at the top of the list => Function: click on table head to change the sorting, a small arrow shows which direction and sorting is active, the setting should be saved in session so when changing between views u get the same sorting when opening reports ag
  13. RLC Mates @Jamie_ and @Bshara and a very special guest ;)


    What a nice sunday evening!



    1. Nightmaree.


      Wow! Great truck and photo ❤️

  14. Just met an old mate in TMP :D seems we both still like Black Bettys / Black Beautys :P 

    TMP compatible Modding vs Local Mods by the way ;)



  15. Even a horrible driving at CD-Road can end nice when meeting up some Discord Friends like Mr. Barbecue and Apeman ;)



    1. Mr Barbecue

      Mr Barbecue

      thx for a drive alex and ape <3 

    2. Nightmaree.
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