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  1. headhunter84[Ger]

    Less players on EU2.

    btw... After winter has gone the count of players decrease in all MP games. Later this year when days are colder, wet and grey, count of players increase. "The same procedure as every year"
  2. headhunter84[Ger]

    MP Kickerrei

    Alternativ kannst du auch mit ShadowPlay (teil von Nvidia Experience) aufnehmen.
  3. headhunter84[Ger]


    Special Transports doesn't means always heavy weights, many Special Transports are oversized. Thats the reason why they need guide cars, not the weight.
  4. headhunter84[Ger]

    Express Logistics sucht Fahrer!!

    Express Logistic's sucht weiterhin volljährige* und motivierte Fahrer/innen. >>> Unser Discord <<< Wir bieten: - Einen Discord Server - Verwaltungssystem SpedV - Spaß bei der virtuellen Arbeit - Regelmäßige Konvoifahrten - Ein Team aus motivierten Fahrer/innen - Eine Firmenleitung die immer für euch da ist Wir fordern: - Geistige Reife - langfristige Motivation und regelmäßige Fahrten (keine festgeschrieben Anzahl!) - Headset inkl. funktionstüchtigen Micro (Pflicht) - Euro Truck Simulator 2 / ATS (Karten- und Cargo DLCs wünschenswert, aber keine Pflicht) - Mindestalter (18 Jahre) - Einhalten der Regeln (TruckersMP, SpedV und Discord) - Eine weitestgehend saubere "Punishment History" *wir haben aus diversen Erfahrungen unser Mindestalter für neue Fahrer angehoben.
  5. headhunter84[Ger] Released

    They can solve it... change city-areas-coordinates. Some areas are to big. Highways in cityareas thould be exclude from city-areas an limit to 90km/h
  6. headhunter84[Ger]

    What was the highest paid freight market job you took in ETS2?

    Most paid i ever done was medical vaccines from Cantazaro to Aberdeen 316.000€. Screenshot of my next job
  7. headhunter84[Ger]

    Global speed limiter

    My Vespa is faster than 150.. just a joke 150 ist really fast for trucks. this are trucks for streets and cargo transportation not for raceways
  8. headhunter84[Ger]

    Global speed limiter

    In my opinion best solution would be EU1 = Simulation Server 90km/h (Cities 60) EU2 = EU2+3 together as1 Big Server with 150km/h (70 at Cities an docking areas) and NO CARS! EU3= NCZ and no speedlimit everywhere + CARS. 150km/h fast enough for trucks. You can do 2000km in under 1 hour
  9. headhunter84[Ger]

    Global speed limiter

    Why TMP-Staffs Why??? Reckless wanabee racers are won
  10. headhunter84[Ger]

    DLC Bug ( Heavy Cargo )

    issue with 2 Heavy Cargo Trailers are fixed now.
  11. headhunter84[Ger]

    [SCS Blog] Beyond the Baltic Sea

    A other way would be to make "Going East" free and give all user, they still have "Going East" a huge discount for this new DLC.
  12. World of Trucks ошибка -> фрахтовый рынок завод by Google translate
  13. i don't understand what you wrote, but still the same problem with heavy cargo trailers.
  14. headhunter84[Ger]

    CB Voice Chat

    Ok this can be closed find a solution with a external software.
  15. headhunter84[Ger]

    CB Voice Chat

    Is there a OS (Windows 10) solution aviable?