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    Computers, Internet, Streaming, Gaming, Moderating, Friends, Family, Helping People, Movies, Music, Volunteering, Books and much more!
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About Me

Hello! I am MrSirViking! I am from Denmark. I was born in the awesome 80'ties! April 1986 to be exact. I love gaming! I have been playing games since i was old enough to push buttons on a keyboard. The first ever computer i played games on was my fathers Amiga 500. The first game i remember playing was Test Drive, I still remember the guy pulling up in the car and rolling down the window of the car! Then it was on to old IBM DOS computers, Commodore 64 and that sort of stuff. Then i got a little older and got my hands on a Nintendo! The NES! Now that was an awesome console! I had a zapper gun and a cartridge with Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt in one. I still hate that laughing dog! And then even more PC gaming. Then i got a Playstation. The first Playstation was really a great gaming machine! The first game i ever had for the PS1 was Crash Bandicoot 2. Still an awesome game to this date. But i still kept on with the PC gaming. For some reason PC gaming became a bigger part of my gaming as the years went on. And these days i own a Playstation 1, 2 and 3. But i rarely use any of them. All my gaming is done on PC. Some years ago i bought ETS2 on Steam and had that for some time, until i in like late 2014 saw a Xsgtpepperx on twitch play it on MP. I never knew there was a MP mod! So i had to go try it. And since then i have played A LOT on MP. Then about a year ago now i decided that i wanted to help and do more for TMP so i applied to GM and got in! So thats what i am doing here now, other than driving around in the awesome games ATS and ETS2. What else can i say? Well i love food! Burgers are my favourite food! Fries and Burgers! I also love music! My favourite bands are Foo Fighters, Paul Simon, D-A-D, The Darkness, Jamie Cullum, Passenger, GnR, Dire Straits, Alestorm, AC/DC, Zac Brown Band, ZZ Top, Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queen, Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats, Michael Jackson, and many more. So as you can see i listen to all sorts of music. I just love music. Other than that? i dont know.

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