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  1. Suggestion Name: "Tab Menu" cursor compatibility Suggestion Description: Any example images: Why should it be added?: With this feature, the cursor used to navigate through the tab menu should also be able to be used on the ATS/ETS menu instead of just in-game. Why? Well, there's a lot of people like myself who forget to right click and they go into a menu screen where that cursor is not allowed to be used and you have to exit out of it, right click to "release" the cursor, then go back into the menu. Or, you can be like me and get into the ATS menu where it shows your truck in the show room and you cannot exit that menu to go back to driving due to that tab menu cursor being enabled. My only option was to reboot the game which is completely unnecessary. Resolution? Allow us to be able to use this cursor in menus aside from in-game or have it automatically disable itself when you're managing a menu other than the tab menu. I shouldn't have to be like "oh crap, I can't click because this cursor is enabled.. let me close out, right click, then try again."
  2. I'm referring to trucks. There's trucks I see that have flames, "Twitch" graphics on them, etc.
  3. Hello, I have read the mods guideline and whatnot but I'm still a bit confused how people have custom truck paint jobs. I know they're not default ones that the truck comes with. Thanks, Tyler
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