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  1. Got the new DAF XG+ up to 60,000km today ?

    Loving this truck ?



  2. Celebrating the #25YearsCoolLiner and #startthefuture together.


    @TreesFamilyMember (left), @Krinkelschmidt (middle) and me (right)



  3. What a way to wrap up a 13 hour stream with a 6 hour 6,200 kilometer drive from Algeciras, Spain to Honningsvåg, Norway that ended up with a nice resting spot up at the Nordkapp overlook.


  4. It was a Renault T Evolution kind of weekend. Drove in the Renault Evolution Convoy then took it out for a spin the next day in a 12 hour stream covering just over 11,000 kilo meters in total ??


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