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  2. I completely understand your thinking here, and if I'm honest I agreed partially. However, in my opinion, I think that bans should be increased in time and how quickly things escalate because I believe that 95% of people who are banned is either due to negligence, recklessness and pure stupidity, all of which are choices, not accidents. If people see that you will be banned for longer, that further acts as a deterrent to drive safely and think through every decision you make.
  3. I suppose this must be a bug then. Let's hope SCS Software fixes it because it is evident that it is widespread.
  4. Seems a bit strange, maybe something to do with wear, as the same occurs on your truck. The other possibility may be that when you go around a corner, your trailer leans and the corners hit a barrier/wall; this has happened to me numerous times.
  5. I don't mind so much on country roads for the turns in the middle of the night, but on street lit motorways, cities and daytime there isn't any need. Also, if you insist to have them on, at least dip them when a vehicle comes the other way.
  6. Doing a handbrake turn on gravel in Scandinavia. Perfectly parked between my friends. Unfortunately, don't have the video, but it was amazing.
  7. For a fun point of view, yes it's great. From a media and convoy control point of view, not so much... You can't see far ahead even with high-beams and photos come out in poor lighting (obviously).
  8. If it wasn't for 1.32 and trailer ownership, would probably go back to 1.30. I always liked that version the most, for whatever reason. Just gave me a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling in my stomach.
  9. Yea, I have the worry all the time. Just be aware of your surroundings, then you can react accordingly. I record all of my gameplay with my passenger side mirror on, and just keep focused on my lane positioning and 'think' for other people by predicting what will happen next. I suppose it comes with being a ConSecGroup employee.
  10. For me the DAF just does everything so well; enough power for realistic driving, great steering, the sharpest brakes I've ever come across, class-leading comfort and good looks. Volvo would be my next choice because of the relaxing nature of the interior.
  11. At the moment, no there isn't any insurance in the game. ATS had some sort of system but I never understood how it worked. I think TruckersMP could implement some sort of virtual economy through reports, etc.
  12. Yea I found that out... Tried to go around a standard UK roundabout at 25mph, with an empty trailer I flipped... I had full trailer stability. The best thing to do is to steer smoothly.
  13. I would but I believe it would not be as diverse as a community as it would be with TMP like it is now.
  14. I love being in a VTC, it creates memories and is nice to interact with people you get to know. Currently, I am in ConSecGroup, as the Media Team Director and Lakeside Transport as Managing Director. It's a bit hectic but I love it
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