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  1. I just like to enjoy the game and as long as it doesn't get crowded in the area I'm driving, I'm happy! A lot of traffic can be fun too but then I prefer to change into singleplayer and use AI mods which simulate rush hours and dynamic traffic amount. But it can sometimes be hard to find good AI mods...
  2. Of course! Can't wait for ATS map to get bigger. And the preview footage I have seen from the Utah DLC looks very promising.
  3. I don't agree. Either you play the game as it should be played. That means you follow the road rules and speed limits. That's realism. If you decide to play in a different way (that's ok. TMP even gives you the opportunity to do so) you can do that by chosing the arcade server. But then you can't ask for any realism. The game isn't made realistic by the fact that collision is enabled or not. It is made by the way people play the game.
  4. I'm asking again: If speed limits and road rules don't matter, collision shouldn't be important either right? So just go on with the arcade servers and everything will be fine.
  5. I always have to smile a bit when I see those guys on the road. I don't know why they are doing that, maybe they think people will get scared and take extra care not to ram them or anything else. For me they are just normal players. Everyone can have his own nametag (as long as it is not against the rules) and I have no problem with that. I have the feeling that those "REC"-people sometimes try to play "Sheriff's Assistance" and I just think they should use their time to enjoy the game and not looking for players that do anything forbidden. Thats in fact GM's work If someone is personally impacted by others that don't follow the rules I think it's ok to report them...
  6. I am playing with a Logitech G27 steering wheel + Shifter. So obviously I like using the H-Shifting with this setup. But sometimes I'm not entirely happy with it, because I like driving realistic.... so when I'm driving my 500 PS Dual-Clutch Volvo FH I sometimes use the automatic. On US-Trucks the decisison was easier... 18 gears H-shift, what else? And yes, it is still my first shifter.... didn't had to replace it and it's still in excellent condition.
  7. As I am using a steering wheel, I got no problems with typing messages in the chat while driving. I am always in full control of my truck. But I do it only when it is necessary and when no players are next to me.
  8. I am going to buy it anyway but I am not hyped. Not because it's Mercedes but I don't like all this chrome stuff. It may look good on American trucks but on European trucks in general it looks just strange and it is overused. In RL most trucks aren't tuned because you don't make more money with chrome on your truck. If I want to tune my truck I use good mods for it...even if I cant play TMP with them.
  9. The recent changes are the first step in the right direction and I am looking forward to any further changes that will make this game to what it deserves. The servers are far from dead. But now the real players can have fun. If you want to drive faster just play on the arcade servers. If you're not caring about speed limits you shouldn't care about collision either right? I started playing TMP in 2015. I really enjoyed driving with others. In 2016 I joined a VTC. Now I had to drive without damage. It was almost impossible.... My reaction to this was to start recording, but submitting reports was not worth my time. So I changed to singeplayer and I was driving most of my time on ProMods map. I still do it and I am very happy. Now with these changes I came back to TMP again and I have to say I was surprised how the situation on the server improved.
  10. Don't understand why people need to race in a game thats called "Simulation". Honestly I think TMP should use their time for more important things. -1
  11. In general i prefer the chat to communicate since I've made the experience that most people have the chat enabled so if you want to contact them your chance to get an answer is pretty high. As other users already mentioned many people turn off their CB because of users abusing the CB. I changed my CB to standard Channel 9. Mostly I encounter german people there since in Germany Channel 9 is the official CB-Radio Channel.
  12. After watching the video I can just say I never drive like this. I always follow the european traffic rules. So overtaking is no problem for most people. And in general it works like this: The one that wants to overtake must find the moment when its safe enough, then pass and merge without cutting the other one off or causing a crash. So my answer to the question: No I normally don't slow down because either their faster and they overtake anyway or they aren't faster then they can drive behind me and they will arrive at the same time.
  13. People call me VØŁVØ-ꝀƗNǤ and as it can be seen on my profile pic VOLVO is just my style Best configuration: Volvo FH500 with 2800nm turbocompound and dual-clutch transmission. Love it.
  14. Du brauchst ja keine Zeit zu verschwenden. Wenn es dich stört wie zwischen Duisburg und Calais gefahren wird, meide einfach diese Region und du wirst deine Ruhe haben. Ich sprech aus Erfahrung.
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