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  1. New Save Editing - Discussion (many images)

    I understood forerunner follows Turkish community, wotmp site For everyone, i think (i didnt try) if you installed these mods to same location with friends, they also can see your mod (means it is not local only) Example mods: Renault T480 sound: http://sharemods.com/psyaiwv3tgw1/renault_t480sound_yasin28a.rar.html IVECO old sound: http://sharemods.com/lnsm4gsr3t1w/ivecoold_yasin28a.rar.html
  2. [15x ETS2/ATS DLC Giveaway] Members Giveaway

    I want to join.
  3. Problem with chat and mouse pointer

    I couldnt sove problem. I already have a ticket in support. I write both that and there.
  4. Problem with chat and mouse pointer

    I uninstalled Truckersmp. I deleted programdata/truckersmp and documents/ets2mp folders. I cleaned regedit with ccleaner after that. I installed truckersmp again. Nothing changed. Problem still exists. This video shows the problem: https://youtu.be/SFHelLL8B6c
  5. Problem with chat and mouse pointer

    @Carrera18 i did that and it didnt solve. @Dark Haus May i get more help if make a ticket? or waiting solution there?
  6. Problem with chat and mouse pointer

    @Carrera18 i know these. Could not i explain correctly? I can write and use the chat, but when i am using chat, game functions doesnt get disabled, normally they gets disabled in chat, it is same for mouse pointer. @CrackPrewier are you mentioning about driver profiles? It is not about profiles because this problem is related to multiplayer, not singleplayer.
  7. Hi everyone, When i press a key to write in chat, the letter is written but also function of key in game runs. Example, if i press m in chat,m writes also map editor opens. To sum, chat doesnt stop keys in gameplay. Moreover, when i want to use tab player list, i click mouse right, yellow pointer appears, but pointer doesnt move, camera turns. A hidden pointer(nothing seen) selects players in list sometimes. I am confronting this problem for last several updates of tmp (i dont remember, not ets 2 versions, tmp versions)
  8. Where do you drive the most? Or your favourite road?

    I like Torino-Bern most. Also, i think Milano-Verona road would be best if there was a lot of traffic because i prefer traffic in game.
  9. ETS2 Player Owned Trailer

    You can take a trailer on your own with save editing.When you do it, you can teleport garages with the trailer.But you cant take a job with it.If you take a job, you will get the trailer of that job and your own trailer will diasappear.But when it disappears, it will be stored at save but you have to edit save again to use it.
  10. Add a rear reflector at the interior

    Yes, they may be not able to edit game files.But they can add files to the game.There are cb radio models.They can add this face to -example-CB radio model.There are many options.Please mp developers look at this thread.
  11. Add a rear reflector at the interior

    Images from blender3d I had added a spotlight to back interior and had taken photos. Current situation;without any face which looks back Adding a face which looks back to behind the interior After adding
  12. Add a rear reflector at the interior

    Megadeth,I think you didnt understand me.It may work as you said in singleplayer.However,it doesnt have to be as singleplayer in mp.I'm certain that adding a face which looks back to behind the interior solves that problem.
  13. Add a rear reflector at the interior

    There arent any problem in singleplayer.Ai lights arent seen in interior.It's about multiplayer's system.SCS dont prepared the game for Truckersmp.
  14. Suggestion Name: Add a reflector which reflect rear lights at the interior Suggestion Description:In multiplayer,trucks which is in our back light our interior at 1st camera.It looks unrealistic.Mp team can add a face to reflector the light which comes from back.I think if you add that face to CB radio model, it fits every truck easily. Any example images: None Why should it be added?:It has been mentioned at the suggestion description.
  15. French DLC Trailers

    In version 1.25, trailer models will use paintjob system. I think we may use french paintjobs in mp.