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  1. RMP Heilbronn 1:1 Engine sound pack for T800, W900 Updated to V.2.7 My mods
  2. Hi, as far as i know custom bullbars is allowed. But which slot should it be on? f_grill or b_grill or both. I am doing a mod but i want it on b grill slot because of cabin suspension. Edit, sound mod is allowed, isnt it? I saw a video there and admin said appropriate. Edit, i uploaded video of my mod. The torpedo part is on f-grill slot. Also i have sound mod, i did it as told above. Video link
  3. This truck has not been sold yet, how did you see irl?
  4. Why do you debate ats or ets 2? It is for europe. It took an award which is only for european trucks. Truck of the year winners
  5. Renault T and man e6 should come but also this. This is direct rival for current trucks, jury chose this instead new actros. They thought this better than actros.
  6. Ford presented new 2.5m cabin truck. It is selected as truck of the year. Scs should bring it.
  7. Milano-zurih or milano innsbruck? Is it true defining of the road? But the highest point of map should be on this road.
  8. I understood forerunner follows Turkish community, wotmp site For everyone, i think (i didnt try) if you installed these mods to same location with friends, they also can see your mod (means it is not local only) Example mods: Renault T480 sound: http://sharemods.com/psyaiwv3tgw1/renault_t480sound_yasin28a.rar.html IVECO old sound: http://sharemods.com/lnsm4gsr3t1w/ivecoold_yasin28a.rar.html
  9. I couldnt sove problem. I already have a ticket in support. I write both that and there.
  10. I uninstalled Truckersmp. I deleted programdata/truckersmp and documents/ets2mp folders. I cleaned regedit with ccleaner after that. I installed truckersmp again. Nothing changed. Problem still exists. This video shows the problem: https://youtu.be/SFHelLL8B6c
  11. @Carrera18 i did that and it didnt solve. @Dark Haus May i get more help if make a ticket? or waiting solution there?
  12. @Carrera18 i know these. Could not i explain correctly? I can write and use the chat, but when i am using chat, game functions doesnt get disabled, normally they gets disabled in chat, it is same for mouse pointer. @CrackPrewier are you mentioning about driver profiles? It is not about profiles because this problem is related to multiplayer, not singleplayer.
  13. Hi everyone, When i press a key to write in chat, the letter is written but also function of key in game runs. Example, if i press m in chat,m writes also map editor opens. To sum, chat doesnt stop keys in gameplay. Moreover, when i want to use tab player list, i click mouse right, yellow pointer appears, but pointer doesnt move, camera turns. A hidden pointer(nothing seen) selects players in list sometimes. I am confronting this problem for last several updates of tmp (i dont remember, not ets 2 versions, tmp versions)
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