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  1. Do You Save Fuel?

    I don't really worry about fuel, i fill up before every mission
  2. were you get your pc

    I got mine from a brittish retail shop called currys PC world
  3. Oil Station

    I'd say probably best filling up before you go, i've seen truckers kicked for driving wrong way in the petrol stations there
  4. Steam Store Lunar New Year Sale!

    Nice Post, But already got all the DLC
  5. Website v2.4 release

    great job guys
  6. [SCS Blog] KRONE trailers coming to Euro Truck Simulator 2

    Looks amazing. Can't wait for DLC
  7. Your opinions on In-game Reports?

    I think the admins have a hard job coping with the constant reports, some of which do not warrant a report, but i do agree that something should be put in place so that if a number of reports are put in regarding 1trucker breaking rules i.e. 5 people reported them, it should some how mark up on the Admins screen so it can be prioritsed
  8. another day another $ for my virtual bank LoL ;p

    1. stuartm201189


      happy trucking speedy


    2. Crashon


      Happy trucking and drive safe mate. ^_^

    3. [SCO] speedy

      [SCO] speedy

      thanks guys :)

  9. Have you ever made a ETS2 YouTube video?

    I've not really made a video for youtube but i do stream alot of my gameplay on twitch
  10. Increase/remove the 200 player queue limit

    I've really never had a problem with waiting to get on the server. Theres always a few quieter ones i could use if i really wanted
  11. Pay & Go server

    Suggestion Name: Having a server you subscribe too (Pay & Go) Suggestion Description: have a sever that Truckers pay a few $ a month to use Any example images: None Why should it be added?: I think this will help with a number of things. 1. I see that TruckerMP has a donate tab, having a pay and go server would help TruckersMP out alot with maintenance and development. 2. Truckers on Pay and go server less likley to encounter trolls/bad drivers as they have to pay to use it.(also increase ban time for rule breaking, would encourage the bad drivers to maybe think about their actions.) Myself personally would not mind paying i.e. 12 pound for 3 months or 20 for a yearly subscription, if knowing using this server would drastically cut down the trollers and rule breakers.
  12. Ban the person above you (game) V2

    Banned because he wanted it too much
  13. nice and quiet here tonight :D


  14. What is this weird thing?

    just looks like a bug to me, get alot of them when theres lots of traffic
  15. Anyone else crashing?

    I've had no issues with crashing on ets2