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  1. Good morning everyone.
    The sky is blue, the sun is shining and people I see in Scandinavia...their skills are great, just like this guy's skills. :truestory:



    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      good morning and have a nice day :P

      RIP car :troll:

  2. Winning giveaways isn't really something that happened a lot to me, but I guess I can give this a try.
  3. Congratulations DesertEagle26! :) 

  4. You can also count me in. This also happens to me with ETS2.
  5. Congratulations TMP team! What an amazing achievement! I'd like to thank each and every one of you who works during their free time on TMP. Your work is much appreciated by the community. Once again, thank you.
  6. I'm actually surprised about the fact that this got ignored (no one even replied to this topic), it should be an easy job for someone who knows much about Bootstrap and programming to fix this issue. I know the website might be low priority for the whole team, but I assume the team also has people who only work on the website, so he/she should have fixed it by now (or even before the page got published). But then again, the person who works on the website might not just have time to fix it. An easy fix would just be the following: Show the staff member's profile picture from the forum instead of their own submitted pictures (as IPS obviously changes the images to a fixed size) and give the area, where the staff member's information is shown, a fixed height. Or you can also just create a row for 4 items and repeat that process. An example that shows us how that's done with PHP: <?php $resultAmount = 13; // The amount of rows that got returned from your database $colSpan = 4; // Amount of items inside a row $html = ""; // The end result that will be echoed on the page. $html .= "<div class='container'>"; // Define a container // Loop through the returned rows for($i = 0; $i < $resultAmount; $i++){ // If the loop has done 4 items, add a new row and then put the next item inside it if($i % $colSpan == 0) { $html .= "<div class='row'>"; } // Give a returned row a place inside the $html variable $html .= "<div class='col-md-3 col-sm-6 md-margin-bottom-50'>" . $i . "</div>"; // If the loop is currently executing the code for // the fourth item, close <div class='row'> to prepare the next run if($i % $colSpan == 3) { $html .= "</div>"; } } $html .= "</div>"; // Close the container echo $html; // Echo the end result ?> The result you get when you execute this script: If you really want to fix this with a nice solution, use Bootstrap v4. Bootstrap v4 uses flexboxes and thus are you able to use .row-eq-height class to give all of your columns inside your row the same height as the highest column inside that row. http://getbootstrap.com.vn/examples/equal-height-columns/ Fix for Bootstrap v3.x, which allows you to get the same result as the .row-eq-height class with Bootstrap v4: https://stackoverflow.com/a/22892773
  7. Well, I mean there will always be someone who complains about something new, but having that option will show to people how user friendly your application is. It's the little things which might not be used a lot, but makes 1 person happy about it. And making your application user friendly is one of the important things to do imo.
  8. I 100% agree with this suggestion, it would be useful for almost everyone. As @Carrera18 said, have the game play a safety belt warning sound. I would love to see this implemented the following way: The last 30 or 15 seconds before you're getting kicked out, the game should play the safety belt warning sound. It would be a good way to remind people, who for example stopped to look at their phone for a while, to move their vehicle. What @SilentSquads said is also useful, but sometimes people are 'AFK' while they're still behind their PC. So, a warning sound would come in handy for those people. I can imagine the warning sound being annoying for some people in some way (and the amount of people who thinks that this would be annoying is probably low), so the developers could create an option in the settings menu to turn off the warning sound.
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