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  1. Suggestion Name: Introducing the Bad sport server. A new step into guiding Trollers to the right path. Suggestion Description: Give temporarily banned players (further referred to as "Bad drivers") a chance to improve their behaviour in a server before they're getting access to all TMP's servers again. As in, before their ban period is over. This server should only act as a server for Bad drivers. Players who have no temporarily ban (further referred to as "Normal players") won't be able to connect to this server. The same goes for Bad drivers, they won't be able to choose any other server (like sim 1, sim 2, arcade, etc.). Any example images: A quick demonstration to give you a better idea of my suggestion. Why should it be added?: One of the goals of temporarily banning players is most likely to try to get them to behave normally once their ban period is over. I'd like to list the advantages/disadvantages of the current situation and the desired situation. The current situation: The desired situation: I hope you'll look into this suggestion from different perspectives. Please try not to have your opinion based upon your experience with a Bad driver. For example: The one who rammed onto you, yesterday evening. Try to look at this suggestion from different perspectives... Try to look for the advantages/disadvantages. Disclaimer: I've used a lot of different words within my post to describe a group of people. Words like: trollers, bad drivers and banned players. All these words refer to a group of players being temporarily banned. TL; DR: Check the spoilers + the image to get an idea of my suggestion. Thank you for those of you who showed interest into this suggestion by looking at it. Big shout out to those of you who took their time to read my suggestion. I appreciate each one of you reserving your time to look at my suggestion. I hope you have a great day. Hit me up if you want to ride together at some point in the future. ? Footnotes [1] https://www.cbr.nl/nl/over-het-cbr/over/about-cbr.htm [2] (only available in Dutch) https://www.cbr.nl/nl/onveilig-rijgedrag/nl/mijn-rijbewijs-is-ingevorderd-wat-nu/onveilig-gedrag-in-het-verkeer/cursus-over-verantwoord-rijgedrag-emg-1.htm
  2. I don't just use the mute button to not hear a player. Whether (s)he's abusing the CB radio or not. I mostly use the mute button to keep distance of conversations I don't understand. One of the best use cases of the mute button is when you're driving at the Kirkenes quarry route. There's a 99% chance you'll be around the same people until you're at the quarry/your destination. Most of these people use the CB radio to communicate to each other. I've heard (Turkish) people use the CB radio to guide me (in Turkish/English/Dutch). For example, to tell me whether the road is clear for me to make a turn or not. I also hear a lot of East Asian people use the CB radio to communicate to each other. I don't understand their language, so I would rather mute them while still having the channel set on 19 to see if someone uses it to give me instructions/to communicate to me. You might be still wondering why I keep it at channel 19. Well that's simple, it's the default channel and people tend to use this channel whenever they try to communicate with (random) people. Note: I don't complain anything about this route, I actually enjoy driving this route every once in a while as I sort of see it as a unique experience in TMP. Just getting rid of this great feature out of nowhere wasn't something I was pleased with. The least thing you could do is, be close to the community and tell them why it's (temporarily) removed or move the feature to a different place. As I said in my previous message, just introduce a new command if the tab window has too much buttons already. If a new command is too much to ask, combine the mute feature with the /blockpm command and rename the command to /block. The blockpm command has almost got the same goal as the mute feature. Yet, both of these features weren't located at the same place before the mute button disappeared. There's almost no chance of someone wanting to hear a player whenever the player is getting blocked from sending private messages. Neither is there almost a chance of someone wanting to receive a private message from a muted player. I see an opportunity to make the /blockpm (or /block) command even more useful. It's a weird situation, if you ask me. However, you'll definitely make me a lot happier by introducing a command to mute a player. As that's a lot faster than trying to find a player in a huge list of nearby players just to mute the player. x) Each player's ID already appears on the screen whenever someone talks, so don't worry about not knowing who to mute without looking at the tab window.
  3. Thank you!! I was about to write the same thing as I discovered this today too. I hope they'll bring back the mute button, as it was really a useful feature for me. They could also just introduce a simple command if they don't want to fill up the tab window with too much buttons. A command like /(m)ute <id of player> should do the trick.
  4. I really love your application. It's simple yet it allows me to do many useful things. I'm almost able to do all the things I usually do, through your application. One thing I can't do through your application is changing the company trailer's skin to whatever I want. Let's say I want to drive with a Scania trailer. Right now, your application only allows me to pick up this trailer at Scania (close to Stockholm). But I would love to have an option to change any trailer's skin. So, imagine having a third dropdown menu (like under trailer config) labeled as trailer skin and it lists all the possibilities. Also another thing I can't do through your application, is spawning hidden trailers like, for example, the beton mixer. Wouldn't it be nice if you could take a look into that and see if you can able us to assign these trailers to a custom job?
  5. Ik heb er onwijs veel van g-e-n-o-t-e-n!! Het was mijn eerste TMP convoy, dus ik wist niet precies hoe het zou zijn. Ik dacht dat het gewoon een standaard rid van een paar uurtjes zou zijn. Ik had daarom ook gewoon rustig de livestream van TMP open staan, maar mijn gehele beleving veel beter dan gedacht ? Heb constant gelachen via de chat met de mensen die de hele rid in mijn buurt waren. Veel positieve dingen gezien en soms ook wat minder positieve dingen, maar met de mensen om mijn heen deden we daar grappig over waardoor het toch ook weer positief werd. ? Mijn eerste TMP convoy en zeker niet de laatste. Heb veel gelachen en nieuwe mensen leren kennen. Een succesvolle event als je het mij vraagt ??
  6. I see you received some great advice from someone already. I would also recommend LinkedIn Learning and Udacity. In general (for any languages): try to do little projects for yourself or for someone else (only do for someone else once you think you got enough skills). For me, doing projects helps me to test my skills and also dive alot deeper into the language I use in order to come up with (great) solutions. Working on your own project can give you alot more motivation as you are your own project leader, customer and developer. You decide how the project is going to end up looking ?. Doing exercises from courses can also be fun, but it feels like you're being forced to do something which might decrease your motivation at some point. In case that happens, I would recommend to just change the exercise's case/topic/story to whatever you want, while still using the theory you learned from the exercise.
  7. Good morning everyone.
    The sky is blue, the sun is shining and people I see in Scandinavia...their skills are great, just like this guy's skills. :truestory:



    1. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      good morning and have a nice day :P

      RIP car :troll:

  8. Congratulations DesertEagle26! :) 

  9. You can also count me in. This also happens to me with ETS2.
  10. Congratulations TMP team! What an amazing achievement! I'd like to thank each and every one of you who works during their free time on TMP. Your work is much appreciated by the community. Once again, thank you.
  11. I'm actually surprised about the fact that this got ignored (no one even replied to this topic), it should be an easy job for someone who knows much about Bootstrap and programming to fix this issue. I know the website might be low priority for the whole team, but I assume the team also has people who only work on the website, so he/she should have fixed it by now (or even before the page got published). But then again, the person who works on the website might not just have time to fix it. An easy fix would just be the following: Show the staff member's profile picture from the forum instead of their own submitted pictures (as IPS obviously changes the images to a fixed size) and give the area, where the staff member's information is shown, a fixed height. Or you can also just create a row for 4 items and repeat that process. An example that shows us how that's done with PHP: <?php $resultAmount = 13; // The amount of rows that got returned from your database $colSpan = 4; // Amount of items inside a row $html = ""; // The end result that will be echoed on the page. $html .= "<div class='container'>"; // Define a container // Loop through the returned rows for($i = 0; $i < $resultAmount; $i++){ // If the loop has done 4 items, add a new row and then put the next item inside it if($i % $colSpan == 0) { $html .= "<div class='row'>"; } // Give a returned row a place inside the $html variable $html .= "<div class='col-md-3 col-sm-6 md-margin-bottom-50'>" . $i . "</div>"; // If the loop is currently executing the code for // the fourth item, close <div class='row'> to prepare the next run if($i % $colSpan == 3) { $html .= "</div>"; } } $html .= "</div>"; // Close the container echo $html; // Echo the end result ?> The result you get when you execute this script: If you really want to fix this with a nice solution, use Bootstrap v4. Bootstrap v4 uses flexboxes and thus are you able to use .row-eq-height class to give all of your columns inside your row the same height as the highest column inside that row. http://getbootstrap.com.vn/examples/equal-height-columns/ Fix for Bootstrap v3.x, which allows you to get the same result as the .row-eq-height class with Bootstrap v4: https://stackoverflow.com/a/22892773
  12. Definitely a +1. A warning in the chat isn't easy to see when the chat is used by some players at that moment. So a warning notification will definitely be noticeable and thus an improvement to the mod.
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