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  1. I can't totally agree with you. I think we are not forcing them not to focus on simulation. But, we are hoping they can give us a choice.
  2. I think they should value our opinions. They cannot just make the decisions based on their own preferences. I remembered last time, when introducing the /fix feature, initially, they were about the same as now - just made all the decisions by their own. However, with more and more voice coming out, they made a vote for that eventually. I THINK THEY SHOULD ALWAYS MAKE A VOTE BEFORE MAKING BIG CHANGES.
  3. I totally agree with you. Actually, I don't know why they do not allow no damage mod. There are many rammers/hackers in the game, it is very inconvenient to type the command. Besides, I believe that it is technically possible to just allow no damage mod but not other mods in game.
  4. I can't quite get the meaning of "Should /fix require a trailer?" What do the 2 options mean actually?
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