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  1. I love this suggestion! As a part of the video crew for Viva, I usually find myself sitting in a single spot and using free cam to get shots. This would be great as I wouldn't have to move my truck every few minutes while recording a convoy or other event.
  2. The /fix command was golden until it didn't fix the trailer. It was very nice to not have my entire job screwed up by one troller. I believe that if they added the trailer repair back in some way then it would be fine.
  3. I believe that this change is good, but I find that trollers do not care much about if their truck gets damaged. Most have 100's of millions in the banks. This may be hard to program and this may be even impossible, but I believe that after getting hit by another players truck, for 2 minutes, you should be able to use a form of the fix command where it rolls back your damage on the truck and trailer by around 5 minutes (before the ram or accident.) Not all realism players are recording and can have the rammer banned. This will protect players attempting to play for realism from having their entire job ruined by one player.
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