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  1. Today was the most wired day of my life I think.

    A guy from my VTC (RomaniaElit), a friend with a lot of people, BodiHD died some days ago because of health problems, he was in wheelchair... and his last wish was to reach 1000 subscribers on YouTube and to make a giveaway with American Truck Simulator.

    Because he died too fast... our Manager wanted to fulfill his last wish.

    I do not know how it happened, but I don't think it was a coincidence. The winner is a guy who have to stay all of his life in wheelchair.

    It costs nothing, but you can subscribe to BodiHD's channel right here.

    We, Romanian guys who saw the live and all what happened, helped the winner after that with everything, he has now all DLCs and actually CS:GO too.

    @DanRO knows what I'm talking about... and SgtSalt too...

    Idk why I'm feeling that I want to write that here... I wish u a good night! And take care of your family.

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