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  1. ets2_20180521_133135_00.png

    Have a nice week everybody! 

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      Nice photo and truck :wub:

      Have a nice week :) 

    2. RedWolfTV


      Thank you too same :) 

    3. Kid Fabi

      Kid Fabi

      Thanks, you too ^^. Nice truck btw :truestory:

  2. Admini pusi degeaba

    Adminii (Game Moderatorii) nu sunt alesi la nimereala! Daca nu va convine ceva, puteti face frumos un Feedback pe site! Fiecare game moderator isi face treaba cum stie mai bine. Nu sunt platiti de nimeni sa faca ceea ce fac, iar daca abuza de grad se iau masuri. Gheorghe, nu ti-am explicat doar eu care este faza cu banul, insa o dai intr-una cu ideea asta, devine deranjant deja.
  3. Synchronous random event

    I like your idea too.
  4. If you want to see some pictures from BST Anniversary Convoy made by SnowBall Media, you only need to press right here.

    And don't forget of RomaniaElit International convoy! Just take a look here.

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      Very nice photos and event :wub:

  5. New Game Verification

    May you write more information about your problem? If you can't connect on MP, be sure that you have minimum 2 hours in game. Try to have the same mail for TruckersMP and Steam, if you don't have so, change it, that's simple, you need to go on, your profile and settings.
  6. RomaniaElit Birthday Convoy

    You can be sure of that Elsa .
  7. O interbare

    Trucksbook. Il gasesti aici:
  8. I want to say 2 things.

    1. On 26 May #RomaniaElit is organizing an international anniversary of 2 years convoy. We will have a special server for this and we are waiting 500+ players. We will have only VTCs, so if you come alone you will be kicked from the server. :excl:

    If your VTC has 15+ players and if you want to be a part of our event, write me! 

    2. Because I'm in SnowBall Media Team now, I will be happy if you press on the "LIKE" button on our Facebook page. If you need us for an event you can make a request here or if you want more information about us, write me! :) :lol:

    1. Elsassisch_Trucker [FR]

      Elsassisch_Trucker [FR]

      I am Elsa from Snowball Media ;) :elsa:

    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      sound great :)

      Congrats on 2 year #RomaniaElit !

  9. [GIVEAWAY] 4x £25 Steam Giftcards

    Nice giveaway! Good luck everyone!
  10. I think that I'm just "lucky" :))

    Thx @Yoyo_ManSg because you teleported me xD

    1. Yoyo_ManSg


      No problem mate. ;) 

  11. Cum sa instalezi mod-ul Multiplayer (ETS2 MP + ATS MP)

    Exact. De obicei esti automat kick-at de pe server sau iti iei ban si dupa ce scoti modul trebuie sa faci ban appeal.
  12. Cum sa instalezi mod-ul Multiplayer (ETS2 MP + ATS MP)

    @addy allyn la ce te referi?
  13. Don't forgot that @DanRO has now a discord server! It's open for everyone! You need to click here and you will join there! :lol::lol: