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  1. New game mode

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  2. Portuguese Paint Jobs Pack

    Hi @Wanubys, 3 best answers have been given. Have them answered your question? Kind regards, VampireOfSnake
  3. Is it possible to control the time?

    @NoName566, You have already two best answers, have they answered your question? Kind regards, VampireOfSnake
  4. register on truckermp website

    Hi awesomegamer, please make a Support ticket right here: So we will help you how fast we can. Kind regards, VampireOfSnake
  5. Congrats Loreenaaa <3 :wub:

  6. Happy birthday! :D

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      Thank you mate <3 :)

  7. This is good for everyone, especially for C-D road...


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    2. Texas Transports LLC

      Texas Transports LLC

      Has good intention, good outlook and good idea but we all know once players get on the Calais-Duisburg roadway it turns into 

    3. Ady Man

      Ady Man

      yes many confuse the game nfs :troll:

    4. sikstar


      TMP made a video on how to overtake and overtaken...still those dumb know what i mean.

  8. Engine sound replacement

  9. Happy Birthday mate!! :lol:

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  10. Mica problema la crearea contului de TruckersMP

    Te rog nu posta comentarii de genul. Poti raporta postarea iar in aceasta sa scrii ca problema este rezolvata. Multumesc.
  11. What is the size of the cover photo?

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  12. Maybe now you're not in the team.... but you'll be every time in our TMP family. I wish you success in your life and a lot of love :) . We'll miss you!

  13. I can not enter! TruckersMP

    Hi lord17127621 ! For your problem try to follow the next steps: 1) Be sure that you write the email, not the TMP username or Steam username. 2) Be sure that you write the correct email address, with "@" symbol and if you have "","","[email protected]" etc. 3) Be sure that you have the right keyboard language, so "ENG" or another language. 4) Create a Notepad on your desktop and write your email and password, start the game in mp and paste the informations. 5) A very important point is that you need to have the same email with your steam email address. So you have to have "[email protected]" in TMP login and "[email protected]" in steam. If you don't have it so, go here, account settings and change the email to have same with your steam account. 6) Go in documents folder>ETS2MP and delete the "client.ecd". Start the game and paste again with CTRL+V (STRG+V for german keyboards) your log in informations. If didn't work, please write to us again! Thank you! Kind regards, VampireOfSnake
  14. congratulations:tmp:

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      Thank you! :D