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  1. What it's meaning the active ban on the profile page on TruckersMP?
  2. Try to reinstall the mode or game from steam, or verify the files with the option of the steam
  3. It's a lag a bit wichin players to players at overtaking
  4. Exactly I don't use it, I was hitted by more of them !
  5. Fixing the bug with the trailers at low specs(ping, unsynched trailer position) In the game the last Trailer of HTC or B-Doubles trailers at the overtaking,the last trailer is gone out of the grownd by flying and hiting, every time the trailer are instabile and does lag on overtaking I haven't any evidence of it in format video or screenshoots but are located moustly in zones Like Germany or on Promods where its not allowed that trailers in zone!
  6. Thank you for amazing Mod

  7. It's Allowed to make this for MP?
  8. Hello! The game was updated to

    You can  upgrade the mods for steam at the new version 1.35...

    1. Forerunner


      My mods are not being updated for 1.35

    2. Shen Yang

      Shen Yang

      can you update it to  ?

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