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  1. would be awesome to drive with others in more dense traffic maybe make like a dedicated server or do a test run on EU2, lol...
  2. do agree. its not the car itself, its the driver. but must say, car Handling has improved, a lot
  3. agree with you, if you don't pull a trailer you should be limited, as when you pull a trailer, you're already limited,and in the time ive driven from Duisburg, in about 100km Ive gotten 2 damages by cars, that overtake on blind corner or comes from the front and tries to cut the corner, and i went flying over the barrier whilst he was standing still, shouldn't it be the other way around?
  4. how about this, allow the "no damage" mod only but make the other players appear as ghosts to the one using it or the player that uses it appear as a ghost,(or faded out or transparent, that you can still see him, but not collide with him or her..) then everyone one can see who is using the "no damage" mod look at this
  5. the thing with that is, i play for the money, sure i can just edit the save file, but whats the point of driving then... you will still get trolls as they will have tooo much cash and wont give a damn who they damage then, even if you dont have money to keep on fixing the truck, wasted so much cash this week, of others that ram or overtake on blind corner or just drive like an ass, that what i was use the mod for, seems like ill have to spend more money than i can make now with fixing instead of buying new mods forthe truck of new garages ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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