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  1. VagAssLau - as I see, you can't read NinjaRichie,LUIG - thanks, but on FB page staff written, that problem is solved Crashon - My network connection works fine, I tried to restart computer, all needed programs are up to date.
  2. Hello, I know there were an issue with launcher yesterday, but I still can't launch it. I have this error and I already tried to delete core_ets2mp.dll reinstall the appliaction. Any more ideas?
  3. Mod Version: Used: Logitech G29Description of Issue: Autocking for not use headlightsHow to reproduce: I found a bug when my engine won't start just for 5 seconds and I had my headlights on when I start it again, but got kicked for not using headlightsScreenshots / Videos:
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