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  1. The problem is resolved thanks to the suport team #LUIG, thank you very much!
  2. Tried it with yahoo mail, switched to gmail, with both i can suuccesfully log on truckersmp website with no issues, but when trying to log on multiplyer the same error, invalid email or password.
  3. You are right guys about the activation. I opened a text document texted the email down and password, CTRL+C, CTRL+V into my login box on truckersmp.com the web site and it logs in with no problem but when i do the same thing on multiplayer laucher it sais invalid email or password. My account is succesfully bined with my steam account, but i cant play multiplayer because of this error.
  4. Despite i recevied the email activation clicked on it, my account is not activated and i cant play ets2 on multiplayer cuz when i try to log, it sais invalid email or password.
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