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  1. true. as someone being from the old times, admins are just trying to get the day done. i can be an admin and fill my quota, close the day and play another game like other staff do in discord.
  2. Once my friend got banned for not stopping and hitting directly, he couldnt stop as he was driving a skoda and he got banned for ramming. The move you made wasnt intentional and you shouldnt be banned as in real life people try to avoid hitting while braking. I mean your video explains the situation, next time adjust "g_brake_intensity 5" in console. It will make you stop easily. I use keyboard and mouse, i can easily stop with a skoda in just 2 to 4 seconds. You are using pedal so it will not let you stop fast if you dont press brake pedal all the way
  3. So it is not a place to talk about how dictator admins are and hoe innocent people are? Classic tmp....

    1. MattTM


      Hey Cant Touch This,

      There is absolutely no need to post on my profile about this, a Private Message would have been fine.
      Posting something like this on the forums will get you nowhere and will most likely result in a punishment for yourself.
      Like I clearly said in my reply, you can discuss this in a feedback ticket. I have already linked you to it in my reply but I will link it once again below.

      If you have any complaints, you can submit a feedback ticket at https://truckersmp.com/feedback.

      Warm regards,
      // Locked

  4. that depends on the scs, but tmp can just add Trucks, cars like they did with scout. but they have to be sure it has a stable version and bug-free
  5. then a feature like /fix is useless, you can just f7 rather than waiting 15-30minutes. also you get rammed every 2-3 minute
  6. new /fix feature is good, but rammers and trollers may use it like a no damage mod. i dont see any diffrence between /fix and no damage mod. but good thing. what ever you do, you cant stop any trollers or rammers. they will still ram, if there wasnt /fix command, they would just load their save files and ram people again. the point is; no damage removal and adding /fix is same thing. both can be exploited. even so, save game can be also exploited.
  7. @Sadettin Teksoy true. ncz and speedhackers may get perma banned but no damage is A MUST!!! like you said now in truck services there will be more chaoses thanks to truckersmp devs
  8. @FernandoCR [ESP] i have been playing this game for almost 4 years, trust me back then admins were good and much more effective than now. it was peacefully and everyone was having fun. at that time i dont even remember using no damage. but now no damage is a must, in east, italy, uk , france, scandinavia they are everywhere. no one can stop them. also stop saying use save games, go and try it on yourselves. you cant load previous saves if you are on a world of trucks job.
  9. this is not making anything better. just worse than before, i dont even know how you thought you can prevent rammers and trollers by blocking no damage mod? first of all, you guys should be in game more. not just like 10 minutes, dont ever say we are dealing with reports, web reports take upto 3 weeks, ingame reports never work, and yet we players play the game almost all day and never see an admin online more than 10 minutes, and yet you just removed our savior against rammers. yet another year, another truckersmp ridiculousness... gj removing the no damage mod. now rammers and trollers definitely gonna enjoy ramming us and damaging our trucks @ThePolarBearEST you are absolutely right. im just so angry that they blocked no damage mod. when you say they dont come online they say we have a life etc we are busy etc. its been like that. i remember once a time there was a blocker in calais bridge and we were in there almost 30 minutes. no admin came online even everyone reported him, there are so many events like this. i know admins have a life but neither we have a life too and we are trying to enjoy by playing ets2. but admins are useless if they are not in game helping us. i dont want them to be ingame for 7/24 but just fixing traffic, kicking some players banning them for 10 minutes wont fix anything. like i said now things getting worse. i really liked when ncz or speed hacking is perma ban. BUT no damage mod is a must for players. even where you go in multiplayer there is always a rammer. im saying again admins are useless in game, you removed no damage mod and now we have to go to service by f7 every 5 minutes. "We want TruckersMP to be fun for everyone, and we cannot reach this goal when Hacking is allowed, and therefore we have taken these steps to protect our community. Kind Regards, TruckersMP" and sir, you cannot reach this goal when admins are not online. and its not getting funnier while we cant use no damage mod. funnier part is you guys saying money editing allowed, oh really?
  10. still waiting for ST trailers... if we could see them in mp it would be awesome. i tried it out with a mod that removes escorts and unlimits the route, it was fun.
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