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  1. Hey guys, i downloaded truckersmp on my new windows and i have problem when i trying to open truckersmp it shows This App Can't run on your pc, to find a version for your pc check with a sotftware publisher. Any solutions guys? https://prnt.sc/ov0mdi Here the problem photo.
  2. Hey man, can u help me to install this? We can use TeamViewer if u can. Because im dont know how install mods like this.
  3. Hi, i cant use this mod. I tried install it but they i try use it im go to ETS> Mods and im cant active this mod, because of version. Maybe u can help?
  4. Hi, maybe someone can give me some mods of LEGAL tuning that works in multiplayer and no ban? Thanks.
  5. Hi, i just got an UTC banned. And i dont know what it means UTC so thats all? I can't play this multiplayer anymore? Or how much time means "UTC"?
  6. Now im with it but its anyway dont work. Maybe someone can help me using a skype? by a screen video call.
  7. http://prntscr.com/kxn0lg Here im dont have this version u can see.
  8. Hi, im want to play ets2 MP But then i try open it it says unsupported game version detected i went to steam - ets 2 - betas and i dont have that version any solutions?
  9. Im dont have those g_Developer and g_console.And im not have truck so im cant drive free..
  10. Hi,im dont have anymore jobs in multiplayer.For fast jobs.Any ideas how to fix?
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