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  1. Happy that you like our work . Of you have any further suggestions you can always visit our discord.
  2. HTML PHP CSS Javascript SQL Java Lua ( a bit ) Python ( usable ) C C# ( usable ) Asembly ( Basics )
  3. At the moment i'm not in a VTC. I have been in a few but when i was there was no way to automate the process. So i quit after a while.
  4. Nevermind i just saw that i was using the wrong mod version :s Sorry to bother you. (still running on 1.12.01 with older mod version) EDIT: Belgium FTW btw
  5. Mod Version: 0.1.1 r3 Controllers Used: Keyboard and mouse Description of Issue: Connection with the server has been broken. And it won't connect. I've been waiting 10-15min. The servers are on and i tried EU1 and EU2. Screenshots / Videos:
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