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  1. Cyber_Star

    What coding languages do you know?

    HTML PHP CSS Javascript SQL Java Lua ( a bit ) Python ( usable ) C C# ( usable ) Asembly ( Basics )
  2. Cyber_Star

    Website v2.6 release

    Great work! Better late then sorry :p
  3. Cyber_Star

    Ban Baiters

    I understand the frustrations that this could cause but i was thinking of how to fight it tho? If they are standing still in the road it is blocking and they can be reported.
  4. Cyber_Star

    Bights/High Beams

    I mostly have them turned on. But if i can see oncoming traffic i turn them off. Its a simulation game for a reason .
  5. Cyber_Star

    Truck or car?

    Very easy. Truck 100%. I don't really like cars in this game. Probally because of the way it handles or the other players driving it while they can't control it.
  6. Cyber_Star

    Should ban time be decreased ?

    I honestly don't think the ban time should be reduced. If you get banned it's for a reason. The ban times are long enough for people to drive more carefull in rounds they shouldn't be speeding in. In my oppinion.
  7. Cyber_Star

    /fix or f7

    It all depends in the situation i think. If it's my own fault i would use F7. If i get rammed by someone i'm gonna use /fix because i don't think it was my fault.
  8. Cyber_Star

    I forgot to fill the fuel tank. Oh no.

    I think i only had it once :p. But ye it's always funny when it happends
  9. Cyber_Star

    Hot topic #12: Virtual companies

    At the moment i'm not in a VTC. I have been in a few but when i was there was no way to automate the process. So i quit after a while.
  10. Cyber_Star

    Cars driving under my truck

    Mod Version: Alpha Controllers Used: Keyboard and mouseDescription of Issue: Today i was driving around and suddenly i get rammed by a car (suprizingly) but thats not what this is about. For some reason he could drive underneath my trailer and then he started ramming me and ended with my truck on top of the car he stopped there and wouldn't move anymore so i was completly stuck. (if you do wanna know his name it was homeserver123).How to reproduce: car driving agaisnt trailer Screenshots / Videos: https://secure.twitch.tv/cyber_star/v/75210029
  11. Cyber_Star

    Connection problems

    Nevermind i just saw that i was using the wrong mod version :s Sorry to bother you. (still running on 1.12.01 with older mod version) EDIT: Belgium FTW btw
  12. Cyber_Star

    Connection problems

    Mod Version: 0.1.1 r3 Controllers Used: Keyboard and mouse Description of Issue: Connection with the server has been broken. And it won't connect. I've been waiting 10-15min. The servers are on and i tried EU1 and EU2. Screenshots / Videos: