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  1. I made it with ms paint (paint 3d for the spray paint brush) Made 2 versions (first one looked awful) took 30 minutes to do, drove to the area borders to see the exact location of the borders and used my knowledge of the map. There is many errors that i need to fix, but this will do for a while. Planning to update this when they are rebuilding the next area (probably the uk).
  2. Nvidia is developing some cool new tech, so im waiting for that. SCS is only gonna make its engine dx12, they are earning way too much already to develop anything new
  3. That kind of a map has already been made, but i could make my own version sometime
  4. SCS has already hinted Romania in their Christmas stream. It was pretty obvious. it was around 01.02.00 where the ceo said let’s hint about the next dlc. They opened a christmas present from Dracula, dracula of course lives in Transylvania, Romania. Edit: @Sing2005 already told the same thing XD
  5. I looked it up, there was only few extra connections to M25 in london. Of course, Ets2 added: The channel tunnel, Hull seaport and Harwick seaport. I need to do more research when im making the next map.
  6. Hmm... how could i make it? Paste a little picture on the different areas? What do you mean by that? Thanks!
  7. This is a noob question, but how the attachment file size limits work? I uploaded a picture on this site, but now i have a smaller size limit for my next attachment? How this system works? I might just be the stupidest person ever.
  8. Thanks, this was originally meant for me and for my friends planning long routes. It is really motivating to see all the feedback that I got. I did not think that six people would even open this. I was wrong. Thank you very much! Yup, this is a very nice way to show the ets2 map. Thanks!
  9. Thanks! I use it to plan my long routes, avoiding southern Germany and other base game areas. Nice to know it was helpful
  10. Soooo, i made this map, that shows all the different DLC areas, areas taken from older games, rebuilt areas... Yes, I know it isn't perfect, but I want to make a new version sometime. PS. This is already few months old, and because of that the Baltic has missing cities.
  11. Too expensive download servers Q: Do you drive the C-D road HELL
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