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  1. Different Becons

    Suggestion Name: Adding multiple beacon options. Suggestion Description: This would be done through a mod or through the department which makes stuff for truckersmp. It would offer different styles of beacons. (It would be the 2 on top. ) Any example images: Why should it be added?: Then it offers more customization for your trucks. It also would make the trucks look a little better. It would act the same as the 2 radial ones.
  2. Cool future games (I hope)

    Yea, probably
  3. Cool future games (I hope)

    They would be like ETS2 and ATS purchase price.
  4. Cool future games (I hope)

    Oh yea they could do a lot with that.
  5. Cool future games (I hope)

    I think these trucking games would be cool: Australian Truck Simulator An Ice Road truckers kinda simulator What do you think would be cool?
  6. There isn't one right now. I think it would be hard to put in as well. The reason is because you would need to kinda ban them from using the tag which isn't really possible.
  7. I am using a keyboard. I honestly don't mind it much because as long as your frames are pretty good you have no problems.
  8. Random Road-Events in Truckers MP...

    My opinion changes from multiplayer to single player. Multiplayer: I'd have them turned down super low. Because the road work ones people drive right through so it's not really legit. Single player: I have them turned all the way up to make it more realistic.
  9. Reporting system problem

    Just give them some time to look it over. Also they get hundreds of reports a day give them time.
  10. Missing Non-collision zone

    It's updated.
  11. Forgot non collision zones?

    I have been playing ats a lot (over 200) hours so far. I came across a couple drop offs that are non collision zones. It has messed up 2 of my loads so far. Have you guys had this issue?
  12. Favorite Book

    Nevertheless heard of it.
  13. Favorite Book

    I read all of them.
  14. Missing Non-collision zone

    Game: American Truck Simulator Mod Version: Version Controllers Used: Keyboard Description of Issue: You try to call in jobs and if more then one is there this happens. How to reproduce: Call in a job at Bitumen in Carlsbad. Screenshots / Videos: Below
  15. Favorite Book

    What is your favorite book or series? Mine are: Hatchet I survived series