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  1. My review of the /fix feature.

  2. Here is my review of the /fix command. It is unreal however, you can figure out a way to roleplay it out. For example ' you crashed into another truck, and or a troll. Drive to the nearest gas station and fix it there with /fix command, and or drive to the repair shop. Will this hurt VTC's in my opinion? Yes and no, because most people don't fill out when they crash into something and have to repair. It will hurt them though because stuff could be 'inaccurate' but it already is. Time limit on the fix command is good. In a way having the command is good and bad. Good because when a troll crashes into me I don't wanna waste money fixing my truck because of a troll. Bad because no matter what kind of control they put on the /fix command it will be misused.
  3. Honesty even though the /fix command is in the game I won't use it.

  4. So many people are talking about how the in-game moderators suck. Listen they can't go and be in the game all day. They will get to it promise me. Just give them time.

    1. Rainbow Blazie

      Rainbow Blazie

      Most of the whiners are trollers them selves not liking revenge!

    2. Daltonconn


      I actually kinda agree.

  5. So I have been seeing a lot of people talking about how the no damage mod is gone. In American Truck Simulator the trolls are honestly not bad. Now I don't have ETS2 yet but I plan on getting it, and I have watched troll videos. Now It will always be a fight against trolls, just like a roleplay community has to fight against fail roleplayers. Now there is the " /fix " command. I do agree to put limits or something on the command.

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      The /fix command is a replacement for the no damage cheat, one that TMP can actually have some control of as the upper staff certainly has the means to tell who or if and when someone is abusing the command. The no damage cheat is part of a cheat engine that includes speedhack and other illegal cheats and we are aiming towards eradicating those out of TMP completely, so ND simply had to go. 

  6. Yea, and when you look at it Euro Truck Simulator 2 released on October 19, 2012. Which was about 4 years and 3 months ago. American Truck Simulator released on February 2, 2016. So it all makes sense.
  7. I have been playing Truckersmp for about a year on ats. I can't wait for ets2 to go on sale when I am unfounded!

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    2. Daltonconn


      Hey, thanks. I wanted to get is it on steam cause I don't know really haha. I'll have to wait and see.

    3. [LANDSHIP] DaKidRu3ls

      [LANDSHIP] DaKidRu3ls

      If you want to play TMP you need steam. (and don't use that website if downloading get it from a official site) 

    4. Daltonconn


      I planned on steam. 

  8. Honestly, I never really had a single troll in ats. But when I hit something no fix command, or mods I deal with it.
  9. No necessarily it honestly depends on the truck. With no trailer no. With a trailer it is a little bit you could say they were but i doubt it. Edit: Not necessarily it honestly depends on the truck. With no trailer, no. With a trailer it is a little bit you could say they were but i doubt it.
  10. They are doing the work. Moderators have a lot more stuff to do then just ban people. They get to them when they can.
  11. I understand but the admins have other things to do outta game.
  12. Application

  13. Application

    Yea. I was confused.
  14. Favorite Music while driving Ingame

    Highway to Hell lol