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  1. It would be nice to see snow in atsmp.
  2. I think they will.
  3. Personally, I do think they will revamp it in the future but they will go in order by DLC if they do all of the countries. So we could be looking at maybe a revamp on this sometime past 2020 is my guess. I agree with everything @S p a r k i e said in this reply.
  4. If you went the speed limit you wouldn't be breaking any rules.
  5. I'm thinking maybe around $12 - $20.
  6. I like the new way of buying fields with how you just buy land. I also like the way they did multiplayer.
  7. I'm not sure if there is a way to fix this. There is a setting called 'scaled nametags' or something like that you could try.
  8. dalton_rulez324


    As far as I know there is no way to change this key.
  9. It could be FOV, but it also could be the 3 monitor setup as well. Have you tried to change your FOV in the TruckerMP settings menu?
  10. I'm hoping in the future the Mack Anthem gets added.
  11. TruckersMP posted a video on their YouTube channel about AI traffic in a new game mode. I don't think they gave anymore information since then but AI traffic is coming in a way at some point.
  12. I say truck all the way.
  13. How is everyone?

    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      Good, thanks, what about you?

    2. dalton_rulez324
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