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  1. solved!!! many tnx!
  2. hello, when i try to start ATS it shows me this message... for record i don't have any issue with ETS MP https://gyazo.com/c49c14629a71537eee39118677b3a001
  3. Sry for the wrong section
  4. Ohh so is just as simple as that?? Tnx guys!!
  5. Hello everyone, I saw online on TruckersMP some ppl that were able to use a Skoda car (Superb or Scout) and I'm wondering how to drive sometime with one of them as well... Any tips? Like if it is a mod where to download it? To be clear I'm referring only on normal car, not police or pilot ones (I'm assuming them are only for admins, right?) Tnx!
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