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  1. Maze

    Winter Mod is updated

    Oh no! More accidents, more caos. I don't like snow mod.
  2. Maze

    Is this normal?

    I don't understand why people use "gay" as a form of insult. Living in Canada, that's completely unthinkable for me. People need to grow up, this is 2019.
  3. Maze

    Automatic crash reporter

    -1. Can be easily abused + it would generate so many reports that GMs won't be able to claim them all. It would override actual real reports.
  4. Maze

    Friends on map

    +1. I really believe this is a great suggestion. I would love to see it added! This way, it will be easier to see where our friends are, so we can find them.
  5. Maze

    Possible solution for most trolling

    -1. I just can't back this up. Doesn't make sense, people would troll EU#1. Trolls like attention, that's why EU#4 is always empty. Would work, expensive and inefficient.
  6. Maze

    Change the place of the CB on the Volvo

    -1. I don't see what's wrong. Spending Add-on team's time for a simple thing. I just don't see why...
  7. Maze

    No parking zone at Duisburg city

    This could help a bit. People would still park on the side walks. Want to avoid the caos? Keep out from CD.
  8. Maze

    Benefits to Veteran Drivers and superior people

    I don't like the idea. Being a veteran doesn't make you any better. -1
  9. discord down?

    1. Pillow_


      Seems to have another monthly outage, yes.

  10. -1. It would increase the "areas of contact". That means more trucks will take off from the ground.
  11. Maze

    Add NCZ to Construction Sites

    +1. Good suggestions, I don't see why not. It would make people's lives better.
  12. Maze

    Message Display for Police Vehicle only

    -1. 1. Can be easily abused 2. Not everyone understands English 3. Too complicated 4. People will join the team aiming to have the police car even harder
  13. Maze

    New server with enforced traffic rules

    +1. I would love to see a sever with stricter rules than EU#1. Maybe, someday they'll add it. I want to play this game by the book with other people that also do.
  14. Maze

    EU4 equivalent for ATS

    -1. There's not enough people playing ATS in order to creat a whole new server designated to it. Maybe someday, but not now.
  15. Welcome to TMP!