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  1. The in-game report system is basically useless. However, despite taking so long, the website system works rather fine.
  2. Even though. It can't simulate real life perfectly. Take CD road for an instance. And if you want to play by the book and simulate, you are to drive a truck.
  3. This is not real life. This is a game. You can't make some real life concepts work on a game. It's just not possible.
  4. This makes a lot of sense. I really haven't thought about this before! This would easily fix the problem you presented. Really powerful idea. +1
  5. I believe there's a software limitation that gets on their way of adding those. It's the same reason that most WoT paintings don't get added to the game. But maybe they'll add it with time. We shall see.
  6. It's really rare. The key is not to drive on high populated areas. The farthest you can get before it gets completely empty is the best place you can possible go. Go drive in the DLC areas, it's way better.
  7. I don't think it's a good idea. Some players don't like rain and some do. I believe that's why it is no longer synchronized. Furthermore, the random events should be removed, as they cause accidents. We don't want to add an accident hazard, do we?
  8. That easter egg is very funny. Nice to see SCS doing that. I hope they add those cities very soon, with no additional cost to those who own the Italia dlc.
  9. Thanks for making this awesome system available for free. Really appreciate that.
  10. Baltics, Scandinavia, and Italy. I like mildly crowded places. Less stressful, better gameplay. I recommend it.
  11. That tab didn't show up on mobile. Thanks for sharing it tho. I might actually get it!
  12. Looking good. The phone case doesn't say which models it fits tho. Would love more info on that.
  13. You could get a Scania or Volvo for speed. However, as you said, you are new with this game. For such reason I recommend you not buying a fast truck until you acquire some more experience. I hope you follow my advice, but if you choose not to, chose from the brands on the first sentence of my paragraph.
  14. I don't quite understand what's the issue but if you need to restart your company you could just base it in London and buy some cheaper Renault/Iveco truck. There are some guides in the Guide session that may help you. Good luck.
  15. The thing is, if you recognize that CD has a high amount of reckless drivers why do you go there in the first place. It doesn't make sense for you to go there knowing what could happen. The map is huge, go explore it.
  16. I don't get it. What's the difference between that and the regular event? I don't believe the location is that important when it come to that kind of event... it sounds weird.
  17. Sounds interesting! It'd be great to have more factories than just Volvo and Scania. I really do hope they add. PS: I have the Viva la France DLC but I've been there like twice lol.
  18. There you go, an extremely close call!
  19. I don't see why. The current caravan is enough, why add another one? Too much trouble...
  20. I've never seen nor experienced such bug. I agree the physics aren't the best possible, so why just not drive it at all?
  21. Hey guys, I wanted to know what are the best combinations of colours you could use for your truck. I'm trying to decide which one/s to use on my truck and I could use some help. Which ones to avoid/go to? Please send photos as well! tl;dr: what is the best colour for a truck?
  22. Good suggestion. That type customization will certainly help us. Additionally, we could have the option to change it to other keyboard keys and not just steering wheels. +1.
  23. ATS has way less players than ETS2 so I can actually see that working. The BOTs can be a problem in high populated areas but it can be worked on. Hope they do consider it.
  24. I like Germany, France, Italy and Scandinavia & Baltic, as a whole. Its where I'm at most of the time. (no CD tho )
  25. I would probably buy a mug or so but clothing, not sure. Some people might tho. I hope it succeeds.
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