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  1. Garret

    What you think about Skoda?

    It can be a powerful tool if on the right hands. Most people use it to ram and troll but it can actually be used in a beneficial way. I think they should be limited to VTC leader, the ones who get the certification on Discord.
  2. I agree with you. It's best not to report people that clearly didn't mean to break a rule and apologize. By doing that you are only overloading the report system. I believe people must be more relaxed in terms of reports. Report only the absolute necessary.
  3. Garret

    Remove speed limits from EU#4 server.

    I see absolutely no reason for a speed limit on EU4. It should be removed! +1
  4. Very interesting. Can't wait to see those new things!! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Garret

    Promods x TruckersMP?

    I honestly never even tried ProMods so I don't know. Many people suggested it, I probably should try it out.
  6. I don't think it'd be fair. "Some" is not all and people will be mad of they don't have the same right. But it could work.
  7. I totally agree with you. People who do that are part of the problem. I also understand that are exceptions: the person me be recording someone to report.
  8. Wonderful idea. It'd make a lot of people mad, thus less people and less accidents due to speed as well. +1
  9. Garret

    Your modded trucks

  10. That's a tricky one. I am from Brazil but I'm living in Canada for a couple of months now. I marked North America cos that's where I'm currently from.
  11. Garret

    Players card!

    -1. I don't see why, it seems useless to me. That information wouldn't do any good.
  12. Garret

    NeonLeon's #Truckerlife

    I feel the same. This community has influenced my real life way of being. I became less shy to make new friends and speak out my ideias. Nice post!
  13. Garret

    Have many people in convoy

    Your best option for big convoys are joining a VTC or TMP's official events. You can easily find info about both on the official discord.
  14. Garret

    DLC tunings replaced by default parts.

    I agree. It looks so odd, they should find a better solution. +1
  15. Garret

    Role Play

    Seem like a good ideia. It'd require a lot of staff supervision to work. I'd love to be part of it! +1