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  1. Unfortunately, at last update, the physics that supports the game has stiffened and is also nervous as you go down to South. In Calabria and Sicily, always due to errors in physics, the front wheels of the truck can move with the engine off and the handbrake on. It does not always happen, but unfortunately the multiplayer has nothing to do with this problem.
  2. Of course, but I can assure you with absolute certainty that trolls decrease and not only because after the first accident, they will be do F7 and return to the service station. As a result, the traffic would resume moving (removing the possibility that they returns, but anyway it would be more difficult for them).
  3. This command is causing a lot of fun in the trolls of the game. Yesterday, during a trip, I caught 4 people on the wrong side. The command, with or without the limitations, is a bit like having the F7 command immediately. I believe that this command must be removed and restore everything because it ruins the simulation of the game and it stimulates many trolls. Without the command, people would start to drive with much more caution and above all the trolls would be put in great difficulty. With the removal of all those unlawful tools, the journey had already been regularized and I managed to travel 3200 km without problems on Europe #2; as soon as the "/fix" command was introduced, the problems returned. So, I am against using this command.
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  7. I use VTMLive but I think the operation is the same. You should check that the plugins are working properly, remove them if necessary and then reinstall them, and try running "as administrator". It should solve the problem, if not, you reinstall all part dedicated to TrucksBook. Let me know!
  8. Attach your config.cfg file on "Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2" and also the one on "Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/ profiles/"Your profile ".
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