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  1. This guide has been archived as there is now a knowledge base article for this. https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/85
  2. Hi @Mr. BlackSword, Thanks for making a guide for TruckersMP! As much as I appreciate you making a guide, it can be found below that a similar guide has already been created. Unfortunately, therefore, I will be rejecting this guide.
  3. Hey Truckers! Welcome to the 27th edition of the Hot Topic series here on our forums! In the last few weeks, SCS Software have released the 1.38 Open Beta for both ATS and ETS2. Have you played on the new update? Are you looking forward to the new update? Feel free to share your opinion about the update below! Discuss this all below in this edition of Hot Topic...
  4. Removing troublemakers was definitely something that was going on, so be it as a small level due to the lack of moderation. Facebook moderation is relatively poor on top of the European GDPR law on storing evidence made moderation really difficult. Many attempts at improving the group had be done but it came to very little success. I'm sure no one wants to see a group like this shut down and we have had to consider this wholeheartedly. I understand it's not been seen in the public but we have made many steps internally which unfortunately came to no avail. We will definitely reflect on this situation and look on how we can improve in the future where we can. I appreciate your comments.
  5. Greetings Truckers, As many of you know and are apart of, we have a Facebook group called “TruckersMP International”. This group was launched in May 2016 and in 4 years, over 17,000 members have joined the group. Unfortunately, in the past few months, the group activity and behaviour in the group has lowered to the point where it was becoming a concern. After many discussions with our Community Moderation Management, the tough decision has been made to close this group on July 31st, 2020. It has not been an easy decision to make but due to the reasons aforementioned, we have ended up at this position. We understand many will not be happy with the closure of the group but we ask you all to look at this as a move forward in improving interaction within the community. We invite members of the Facebook group to join us on our Discord, Forums and Instagram. Some of you might have some questions. We have written up some FAQs we may expect from this which you can find below. Why did you create the group if it was going to be deleted 4 years later? As time goes by, so does social media. The group was created to fulfill the most popular social media at the time of the project creation, in order to make it reach the boundaries of the world and to reach new people to enjoy it. As many other forms of social media have been created, we have followed and unfortunately, it is now the time to leave Facebook behind. Does this mean the Facebook page will be deleted as well? No. We have no plans to delete our Facebook page as it seems that we still have a large amount of support on this platform and we will still remain to provide updates to our community who use Facebook. Why don’t you hire more social media team members instead of closing it? Community Moderation Management held public recruitments and internal recruitments multiple times to get people who were suited for the role. Unfortunately, we were unable to find people suitable to fulfil the demands and needs of moderating the group. Why don't you enforce more/change rules instead of letting people do their stuff? The rules for the group have been changed multiple times, however, these rule changes made very little effect. Many bots, spammers and fake accounts together caused a large influx of moderation that was needed against these users. On top of this, the European GDPR law caused issues internally with saving evidence. These two factors combined caused great difficulty with group moderation. You're cutting off a large part of the community with this. How is this fair? We understand some people are upset about us cutting off a part of the community here, unfortunately, in many cases, the behaviour in the group was to a point where we have had to make this decision. More moderators could have been hired but we were not going to allow some members to join who had terrible behaviour and could’ve potentially left the community in a worse place. Why didn't you make any improvements to the Facebook group to improve behaviour earlier so that this wouldn't have happened? We tried multiple times to make improvements however it brought no luck. Facebook is severely outdated compared to many other platforms we have community interaction. This made it particularly difficult to moderate the group which leads to the behaviour decreasing over time. Thank you for understanding, The TruckersMP Team --> View post on homepage
  6. Hey Truckers, As the days get longer and the temperatures rise, it can only mean one thing. We are in Summer! After the great success of both the Winter mod and the Spring mod on TruckersMP, we have teamed up with Grimes once again to support the Summer mod on both American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. In order to use this modification on our network, there are a few steps you need to follow. As we have done previously in addition to the mod creators request, you will have to download the mod from a third-party website. You can find all the information on how to install this modification on our knowledge base article: How to install the summer mod As with the previous editions of the Grimes environmental mods, this modification is optional and not required to play on our network. On top of the Summer environmental mod, we will also support the two optional addons for the mod: Darker Night Skies and Default HDR Bloom. We are happy to announce that this modification is also compatible with ProMods, so it is accessible all over the network! As we do move into Summer and supporting this mod, this does mean that we have disabled support for the Spring environmental mod. Make sure to share your screenshots using the Summer mod with us on social media at @TruckersMP on Twitter and @truckersmp.official on Instagram. Have a great summer from all of us here at the TruckersMP Team. --> View post on homepage
  7. Hey Truckers! Welcome to the 25th edition of the Hot Topic series here on our forums. Last weekend, we ran our famous Real Operations event -> https://truckersmp.com/blog/206 Did you attend? Have you attended the Real Ops before? Feel free to share all your videos and photos below! Discuss this all below in this edition of Hot Topic...
  8. So nice to drive with @Joe_ @Ratcho @iHobbit @EsssKay tonight on a cheeky C-D run :mlg_doge:


    1. Joe_


      Ft. the bright orange ford ecosport

    2. User_868691


      Trust a ginger to park facing the wrong way.

    3. [VIVA CC] JTrocks55
  9. Really excited for the next installment of Harmony Convoys
  10. Thank you for understanding my points I understand the idea of recruiting more developers. Unfortunately it isn't as simple as just opening a recruitment as we have never publicly recruited developers. Some of our developers do have other commitments outside TMP so of course they won't have their 100% focus on the update. We know waiting can be boring or a hassle, trust me I'm also having to wait, but your patience and understanding the situation is really appreciated. I have very high hopes that we will see the update soon.
  11. I understand your frustrations with the amount of time the update has taken. We must all consider that this is all a community-ran project with our staff being volunteers. The point of "everyone is meant to be at home" may not apply to some of our staff. Everyone has their own individual circumstances and may be significantly busier if they are a key worker (which some of our staff are). This pandemic will not speed up how long the development process takes at all. I'm not a Developer so I can't comment on the development side of things. However, I doubt the mod is being completely rebuilt but we must consider how many aspects will have to be changed with the synchronization side of things due to the new FMOD sound engine and the windows rolling down to name a couple features. I highly doubt that this is out of the developers limits but as there is a lot to work on, our developers may need to take more time to ensure these new features are working without any issues. We would rather provide an update that is fully working compared to an update that has been barely put together with many issues. It all comes down to the fact that we must consider TruckersMP is a free mod, updates such as the 1.37 support won't come as soon as SCS Software decide to release the update as we have no affiliation with them at all. Your patience is greatly appreciated and I can genuinely understand why you, and many others, feel this way.
  12. Hey, I understand your question asking when the new version of ETS2/ATS will be supported on TruckersMP. At this moment in time, we have no ETA as to when TruckersMP will support 1.37. We appreciate the patience from the community whilst our developers work as hard as they can on a patch. Due to the vast amount of changes with 1.37 that affects our code, this update has taken significantly longer than others may have. Still, we appreciate our community waiting for this amount of time and we hope to see the update soon.
  13. Hi all! As part of the new Discussion forum update and the fact that this topic is inactive, we will be archiving this topic. Thanks everybody for the discussion in this post. // Archived
  14. It was a great pleasure being able to attend the Asian Real Ops V2 event yesterday!

    Really nice to see what our international community can create :)

    Tonight, I will be attending the TruckersFM convoy! I hope you can make it! All information can be found at https://truckers.fm/convoy/ 


  15. From my experience and seeing views from members of the community, many members like the aspect of being able to go fast on TruckersMP. There's no particular reason why but all I can see from it is more dangerous driving. I may go around 50mph on average when I'm not on my simulation profile but there's no reason to borderline 110km/h in my opinion. Some people don't understand the simulation aspect of the game and it's unfortunate. That's why we're trying to aim in the direction of a more simulation based community. When driving on my simulation profile, I have all fines enabled on top of respecting all speed limits and treat the game as how I believe it's meant to be played - like a true simulator. I believe people are more likely to break in-game rules if they are going over the speed limit. If you don't want to play the game as strict simulation, that's fine as long as you respect the rules which are common decency on the road. Otherwise, we always have the Arcade server for people who want to go as fast as they want and in my opinion, not play the game like it's meant to be. But yeah, that's just my two cents into this forum.
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