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  1. Hello, Bonjour,

    Bonne fête mon ami!

  2. [Solar trans] KaiserImnop

    Solar transport | Now hiring | Active and Friendly

    Hello I'm French solar leader this VTC is one of the best I ve join (I joined 5) this friendly and funny but in same time serious im not really active because of school but in June I'll be more so if you ll need test I'll be here you must join that vtc Fixed
  3. [Solar trans] KaiserImnop

    Le blabla des français ! ;)

    bonjour tout le monde
  4. [Solar trans] KaiserImnop

    TruckersMP - Présentez vous !

    Bonjour Je suis hérétique comme @VagAssLau J ai 13 ans et vient du poitou charente
  5. once upon a time i reported my status

    @VagAssLau remember